Monday, September 29, 2008

review on Connected 保持通话

Its been ages since i had such random last minute thing coming out. These kinda stuffs happened all the time a few years back, last minute movie, last minute trip to Genting in the middle of the night, last minute "makan angin" to port klang/port dickson and etc.

Yesterday night was one of it. Was with my ex-partners in crime, Andy and Chee Hwa and at 11.30pm we decided to watch a movie at 1Utama which is showing at 11.50pm

Met up in Manjalara @ 11.40pm and sped off to 1u.

The movie we watched - Connected 保持通话. First of all i must say this. This is one of the best Hong Kong Film i've watched this year. The Forbidden Kingdom and Red Cliff don't count as they largely involved workers and actors from Taiwan, China and etc.

古天乐 Louis Koo was the leading actor who is a normal citizen trying to achieve something in his life

with 大S 徐熙媛 Barbie Hsu as the leading actress who was kidnapped

张家辉 Nicky Cheung as a cop who had his rank reduced

刘烨 Liu Ye as the villian

This movie started in a similiar way with Eagle Eye. A phone call was made from a stranger woman and then the guy, Bob(古天乐 Louis Koo) started getting involved in a series of stunts/action storyline.

Experiences like this

driving in an opposite direction


cause many accident to happen


ram through some construction site


flew towards a truck that was loaded with Pepsi can drinks


figure this out yourself


holding a bag that contains some stuff that the bad guy want

and this!!!

some Hong Kong movies in the past have really good actors/actress in it but the movie somehow failed in attracting the audience with their storyline and i must say that in this movie....

the actors are good

the actress is good as well

and i love the storyline that is filled with action packed scenes and although there are some parts that were pretty predictable i still love the movie. =)

Happy Ending at the end of the day. Beautiful.

and yes before i finish this post, other than the good guy bad guy thingy, there're some scenes in the movie that are pretty entertaining and hillarious at the same time. One of it you can see in the picture above and another one was in a handphone service centre and etc.

definitely a worth watching movie in the cinemas for me. xD

My rating for this movie is 7.5/10


RealGunners said...

now we're talking..

i'm already scratching head as to how to spend the 5 days break in Penang since i'm not going back to KL this week..

joshuaongys said...

> realgunners : ahahaha go watch this movie den!

Cathy said...

aish..should have watch this instead of painted skin just now..REGRET...

joshuaongys said...

> cathy : painted skin not nice ar?? i wan watch dat wor..

tZeLih said...

sounds like the chinese version of the movie "Cellular".

check out the movie :

my blog :

Ahmike said...

I will put this in my To-Watch-list.. keke thx bro.

joshuaongys said...

> tzelih : it is!! they made this movie base on cellular!! =D

> ahmike : ahahahaha u're welcome!

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