Tuesday, September 02, 2008

review on The Love Guru

Its been time since i last post a review on a movie. The last movie i watched before this was Zohan.

Zohan wasn't really GOOD for me. and this movie. Same. =X

So this movie is about this guru of love working closely with 2 idiots. Alright, 2 funny idiots. I laughed a few times i admit and that's it.

The love guru have a guru who have another guru who have another guru who have another guru who have...............................................

and the love guru, Guru Pitka's guru is an idiot as well...

i really am speechless with his guru... who taught stupid stuffs such as D.R.A.M.A. Guru Pitka have his own of stupid teachings as well such as B.I.B.L.E.

Nowhere = Now Here.
Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth. Wonderful!!


By the way, who the heck is Deepak Chopra?? ZZzzzz

The story goes on with the Love Guru taking up a task to reunite a broken couple. and here comes the so called "interesting part" for me in the movie.

Jessica Alba. She's the only interesting part of the whole movie. For me. I think that she's hawt. Don't tell me you don't think so!! O.O

She is hawt...

She is HAWTTT!!! =)

and so this task given to Guru Pitka, eventually... He solved it.

and they won the game. The game of hockey or the game of love, you say it.

Oh one thing, i didn't know that this dude was Justin Timberlake. Seriously. I know i know, ayam stew pit.

oh yea before i forgot there's this "bollywood" part at the end of the movie which makes me *smile* and O.O at the same time. Imagine that yourself.

In conclusion, the storyline isn't really good and this movie is pretty crappy with perhaps a little bit of humor in it and to me, Jessica Alba is the only reason why i choose to write this post. Seriously, if you haven watch this movie, don't go to the cinemas for it, just download it via torrent or buy it at the nearest pasar malam. Its not worth watching in cinemas.

my rating for this movie is 4.5/10


Michael Aulia said...

And because of Jessica Alba alone, I might watch this movie hehe ^^

NickTay said...

Agreed, Jessica Alba is hot!

- yuhhui - said...

deepak chopra is a spiritual writer btw. =)

bittersweetcollide said...

I watched this just here on the net... and I was laughing coz of their stupid quotes. It's not that good, but the fact that it made me laugh is good enough. I agree with the rating. That elephant scene was the worst part..

RealGunners said...

i wont even bother about torrents or pasar malam..

joshuaongys said...

> michael aulia : hahaha thats what i thought too!!

> nicktay : yes she is hawt!!

> - yuhhui - : he's a writer i know lolx but duno wat writer hahaha.. hmm since u know, do u read his books?

> bittersweetcollide : yes EXACTLY!! i thought the same too!!! the quotes were funny and stupid but it was not THAT good.. and ahhh the elephant part... sigh.. i do think they went overboard in the movie... sigh..

> realgunners : hahaha if i dont like jessica alba then i would most prob think the same as u!

- yuhhui - said...

I only have one of this book- life story of Buddha. others.. nope. hehe.

joshuaongys said...

> -yuhhui- : lolx i dun have any of his books hahaha is dat book good?

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