Monday, September 01, 2008

EMERGE KL 2008 Day1 & Day2

I went for the 1st & 2nd day for this event. Its a 3 days conference with 82 Competitions as well as a handful of workshops.

The night sessions were the only sessions i attended for the 1st 2 days.

Was invited by a few people to this event and i've went to the one last year as well. So i understand how does this conference go on, its slightly different than other christian youth conference. That's what i think. =D

Alright, there'll be many many pictures below, so i will not talk much. =)



I was late as i was rushing to Sunway after work. Taking public transport back home and then driving out immediately to Sunway in a traffic that was congested is really quite an adventure for me.

Our very own local artist, 溫力銘 Danny One was one of the performer on the first day. He accepted Christ in September last year.

A good news i'm sure, anyway i don't really get what he sing in the song he sang. Its quite jaychou-ish... worst than jaychou. O.O

As expected, 刘耕宏 Liu Geng Hong came out to perform as well. He attended all the Emerge Conference all these years, both emerge conferences in Malaysia & Singapore, and of course the one in Taiwan as well.

He's a well known artist in Taiwan and serve in his Home Church as a cell group leader leading a group of artists who are christians as well INCLUDING JAYCHOU. 刘耕宏 Liu Geng Hong was the one who brought JayChou to Christ.

Along with his wive, an ex Miss Taiwan, 刘耕宏 Liu Geng Hong & 王婉霏 Vivi Wang serve in their church leading a cell group specially for taiwan artists to train them and disciple them. For a good cause of course, to have more testimony for God.

Parade of Schools start shortly after 刘耕宏 Liu Geng Hong's performance.

The Clap-O-Meter was introduced first.

and the parade of schools starts. Just enjoy the pictures yarh. =D

thats the very last picture of the parade of school competition in Emerge KL 08.

there was a sermon after that followed by a worship session.

Thats it, the first day. It was quite a fruitful session for me as i have been thinking quite some stuffs about myself & God lately. Thanks Steph for accompanying me then. =)


And again, i was late. O.O

I was in time to watch the Beauty Pagaent & Manhunt competition. No pictures though. Lolx

Here's another competition on the 2nd day, the Arm Wrestling competiton. (picture above)

there was a special performance by some dance group. Didn't really pay attention on what the emcee said. =X

I didn't stay throughout the whole session on the 2nd day. Headed to a 2nd location halfway during the sermon by Ps Kong. I left the place with something in my heart/mind so it was a good thing.

I realize that yes i have reached the door already and the problem with me is i've been opening and closing the door repeatingly stepping in and out and in and out all these while. I have to go in and start to explore more.

anyway, i met some old friends there =)

Left - SzeMay.Me
Right - Careen.Me



So with the Asia Conference coming end of this year, i'm considering on whether or not to attend the conference. I know, attending such events is not and should not be my ultimate goal. I just want to see more stuffs thats all. Lolx. Those who understand will understand and those who don't, nevermind.

Thanks to those who've invited me as well as thanks to Steph who "teman" me the first day. To some old friends, Nice Meeting You again!!

God Bless!!

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BLue said...

All this vs and cheerleader stuffs reminds me for an event 2005 in City Harvest, Singapore. It looks like a mini Grammy Award ceremony with the gift and appreciation. It was WOW for me that time but when I think back now, is this the way to lead people into Christianity because all these fun stuff? Will we manage to bring in more people with the boring prayer meeting for Malaysia which is CRITICAL at the moment?

I'm not a saint and I'm still struggling to focus on the basic and MUST to do by a Christian:to worship the Lord n 2 understand Him more by his words.

joshuaongys said...

> blue : lolx it is EMERGE KL by city harvest KL lolx... no this is not a main way to lead ppl into christianity but its a way to plant a seed in ppl's heart on christianity =)

well to certain christians, prayer meeting isn't BORING at all!! its a means to communicate with GOD, i have myself to blame as well for not being a GOOD christian..

and aiya, we're all not saint... thats why we need the BIBLE and many more stuffs... =)

we'll learn from time to time aite!!

Lawrenz L said...

Actually the purpose of all these competitions in Emerge is for young people to discover their talents and use it to glorify God. We do have prayer meeting and maybe you can come and experience it yourself maybe during next year emerge ? haha..

Marc, 27 said...

FIR and Jay didn't perform?

joshuaongys said...

> lawrenz l : you telling blue/nath or me?? lolx i know that lar... =) and anyway thx for the invitation hehehe

> marc, 27 : no they didnt =D is it important that they perform?? xD

Yatz said...

wtf why u got so much of these events geh???? got Danny One and Liu Geng Hong some more..

joshuaongys said...

> yatz : not my event lar roflmao hahahaha why ar... no reason wan wor..

Tiffanie Tan said...

"EMERGE KL is our biggest, most happening youth event of the year. It is a vision birthed forth by Ps. Kong with the desire to unearth creativity and talent to impact the 7 pillars of society and thus fulfilling the cultural mandate. As such we run competitions ranging from physical, mental, social and all the way to spiritual aspects to give all the young people opportunity to realize their potential in them." -Ps Kevin Loo, Senior pastor of CHCKL.

" this the way to lead people into Christianity because all these fun stuff?"...are you trying to say that Christians should remain boring when it comes to Christian events? of course not right? many of my friends will tell me this, "wow, i didnt know that Christians can be so fun! i thought it'll be so boring.." and truly enough, i know what they meant by boring...

"will we manage to bring more people with the boring prayer meeting for Malaysia which is CRITICAL at the moment?"...well, prayer meetings in CHC ain't boring at all...honestly speaking, the presence of God is so so real that you feel so good after praying even when you're so tired..

maybe you should come over to CHCKL one day...^^ or maybe join Emerge 2009! =) i've grow alot since i join CHC in 2006...

and yes, we do worship God and build our knowledge and understanding in the Word...

l a b e l s


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