Saturday, September 20, 2008

I Love Weekends

i just love Saturdays where i can sleep as long as i want and there is like a whole day of free time for me to spend. Have been interning for 5 & half months already and now that i'll be waking up in the morning and heading to work then reach home only in the night. By public transport.

So weekends are the best times for me during this whole internship period!

its 3.44pm now and i woke up like 20 minutes ago. Yay-ness. Mind me, i have been having intimate session with my pillow, bolster and my bed while poor Aaron working on on his FYP along with Pam doing her sets of question after last night's "agenda".

OH and talking about last night, it was a blast!! Was it?? For some people it was heeee, for me its a nice start to another weekend!! =D

We celebrated HsuJen's birthday in a very nice place @ Jaya 1. In Brisik Cafe. and after that, we headed to this Rubbish Party @ this place name Palate Palatte, somewhere in KL la lolx.

The name of the party is Lap Sap OK?
*lap sap is rubbish in cantonese =D

Although it was like SOOOOOO HAWTTTTT but we had fun there right peeps? =D

and that is the reason why i slept so long ish ish ish. Came back around 4am ZZZzz.

Gonna have a BBQ session with the peeps later on in the night. Have not been meeting them for QUITE SOME TIME already, its either they are busy or i am busy and most of the time its me.

and yes before i end this post, Congrats to WONG SHU JIAN a.k.a STANLEY WONG for winning the online mini game in Samsung WCG 2008. Personally, i know he've been spending quite some time playing the game to hit the high scores he had to win this game. He deserve it. =)

Read his post about it here.

**fellow photographers of last night I WAN PICTURES!!!! xD

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