Thursday, September 25, 2008

Media Preview Of Goddezz Couture Club @ Solaris KL

Thanks to BigBoysOven, i attended this media preview of a new club in Solaris KL just yesterday with Joanna of and my friend ShuJian. It is a couture club by the name of GODDEZZ.

Stated in this area which is quite new in Mont Kiara, the Solaris Mont Kiara or better known as Soho KL, these are the details of the couture club.
The brand new nightspot, the Goddezz Couture Club, guaranteed to excite clubbers and yuppies alike with the right combination of music spun by experienced deejays and fashion is now open. Located in the brand new commercial centre, Solaris Mont Kiara, at the fringe of the exclusive Mont Kiara enclave, Goddezz Couture Club showcases its unique concept of highlighting fashion shows and the latest clothing trends, interspersed with the latest musical grooves.

The center piece of the Goddezz Couture Club is its specially designed catwalk strategically placed at heart of the dance floor which makes perfect sense for designers to showcase their latest creations.

The mélange of music and fashion has always been appealing to the chic and fashionable – a niche offering that Goddezz Couture Club specializes in. With nightly fashion showcases, lithe and talented models gracing the catwalk, wearing the latest international fashion trends, patrons of Goddezz Couture Club is set to be THE venue for hosting glamourous, high-society events which requires the right environment and ambiance.

As Usual. 21 Years and below are not allowed.

ShuJian, BBO, Joanna, Me

I have not much to say and comment on this club so just enjoy the pictures i took using Andrew's D40 with my lousy photography skills alright? =)
*thanks to Andrew =D

The reason i say i have no comments on this club is because they are still expecting a few other equipments to be installed there so i cant really judge this club. One thing i can tell you is the whole place can accomodate 200-300 people at one time.

but this i can judge... with media people like NST over there, they welcomed the media with this...

Just paper and marker pen. Clever. =)

For me, its okay because i'm just a blogger attending this event, but for other media parties, i have no idea what will they think haha.

and yes, because this is a couture club, there was a fashion show yesterday.

models getting ready before the fashion show.

Soon, the emcee came out and announce the starting of the event followed by a short speech by Kelvin Foo, the executive director of the Club.

Enjoy the pictures on Fashion show below yea?

The fashion show ended pretty fast, and some of the VIPs came out. Didn't bother to know who are them i just snap pictures thats all haha.

Later on there's a short game session which to me failed big time la cause its like the people playing the game are involved only with the people around talking to themselves ignoring the game session.

Girl in Left Pic : Fen / Girl in Right Pic : Manny

Oh and i tell you, i saw this pervert there taking pictures with girls he do not know at all.

Pathetic guy.


So, yea there goes the media preview of the Club. You can logon to their website to find more details on it but for now the website is still under construction. HaHa.

Interesting? Forme, Not for now, But maybe Yes in the future. =D
*thx BBO for the invites
*and again thanks Andrew for borrowing me his Cam.


BEAN said...

those ladies are hot!

Anonymous said...

solaris that area alot of leng luis 1 right?!

Simon Seow said...

ah, Carven Ong.

joanna said...

i can see you enjoyed the event horrr. i beh tahan that picture of their media sign..

Yatz said...

pervert wtf..LOL

Big Boys Oven said...

Great to see that you had enjoyed yourself with loads of babes photos! wow!

Vincent said...

Nice club n nicer babes!

I wonder who's the pervert taking photos? lol..

Re!D [TeaSeRS] said...

this place rocks...!!!
sure u have a good time there... :-)

Just Jasmine said...

I'm also pretty... ;)

joshuaongys said...

> bean : ahaha only 2 la for me hehe

> jentzen : i not sure wor hahaha

> simon seow : oh carven ong haha which one lah?? so many girls!!

> joanna : i enjoy snapping pictures only larh hahahaha lolx ME TOO I BEH TAHAN THAT PAPER TOO!!

> yatz : yala damn hamsap rite?

> big boys oven : ahaha thanks to u for the invites!

> vincent : thanks man ahaha u go find out den u tell me ya =)

> re!d [reasers] : ahaha good time not exactly la its just so so =D

> just jasmine : ;) hehehe yes la u pretty

Simon Seow said...

Carven Ong is the guy. He's famous fashion designer in Malaysia. The one in between two models leh.

Queenz said...

hey, I am back from Melb.
didn't visit for few days and you have posted so many interesting posts. I love it. Solaris!! Gonna visit there one day when I am back to Malaysia. It seems very happening... oh gish! I am so outdated now~

joshuaongys said...

> simon seow : ahahhaa well carven with a ven there sounds like a girl's name to me paiseh hahahaha now i know haha

> queenz : ahaha thanks!! u sure have fun in melb lor haha wen back msia la u doink.. Solaris is NOT dat happening la but going to be i think.. =D

wEtwEtwAtEr said...

wah! so fast out already. *pressure*
hahaha.. your photography skills are improving. its time to get one! :P

joshuaongys said...

> wetwetwater : improving ur head lar, sucks to the max.... i see other ppl there using dslr, their pics and mine... BIG BIG DIFFERENCE!! hahahaa

Joanna said...

oh yeah, totally forgot...


Horizon said...

I like the girl with blue color dress.

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