Thursday, September 04, 2008

The Insanity We Share Together

I've said that they are a bunch of crazy peeps before. Endless moments of laughters shared where there's always some stupid act happening. and one good example is the Satay Celup & Pot Luck @ HweiMing's Place.

We have our very own version Malaysian Dream Girls. xD

In the dream house house of HweiMing. In this version of MDG, there's no conflicts between different races as THERE are ONLY ONE RACE wtf racist. =X

Anyway, here in our very so called "dream house", the girls love each other and hold no grudges against each other. They lived happily with each other for ONLY A FEW HOURS, the few hours we had satay celup & pot luck.

That's not the main point. You see, the main point in this different version of MDG is guests are allowed in the house.

and so, when the girls are bored, there'll be one gigolo for each of the girls the guys will come and entertain the girls.

The self called MDB. O.O


this whole bunch of insane people (including me myself) were entertaining each others non-stop and i never know that so much laughter can come out from a single photo-taking session.

A group photo-taking session. =)

Normally when a group takes a group pictures, they won't likely take SO MANY pictures. 1 or 2 shots and for sure there'll be someone calling it off already.

For your information, the pictures were taken using a DSLR on self-timer mode. =D

But yet, the more pictures we took, the more we got excited and the more we want to take. We kept saying YES when Sheng Mae asked "want more??/want to take again??"

Lolx. You won't know how much time we spent in the hall taking the MANY group pictures together. All of us had fun there and then.

Of course, we had fun before and after the photo-taking session as well. =)

Throwing your sanity away once in a while, getting away from reality and be together with a bunch of people that shares some similarities, doing all the stupid things chatting from the A to Z till the stars at the end of the galaxies.

these moments...

p r i c e l e s s.



Nigelais said...

Priceless, hell yeah!

Schmae said...


joshuaongys said...

> nigelais : xD

> schmae : =D

John Mah said...

Hrmmm..... the ending sounds familiar.

Jen said...

awesomeness =D

joshuaongys said...

> john mah : lolx yakah?? i wrote it myself wor..

> jen : its more than awesomeness!!

l a b e l s


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