Friday, September 26, 2008

P1 WiMAX gets a Flasher and heads to Bollywood

Advertisements if created and and published in the right way and right time, it can be a big hit. Just like the YellowMan project started by Digi years ago which became the topics among people of Malaysia even till now.

Some advertisement will make u laugh, such as the ad that ends with "I taikor mah" xD

Some advertisement will make u think a lil bit more on some values such as the various petronas ads during festive season all these years.

Some advertisement are just pure crap that fail big time making you wonder why the heck they came out with this idea and this cast and this blablablababla etc.

and these videos below happens to be 2 advertisement clips by P1 WiMAX which they released it online through YouTube like 1 month ago. I know, i'm slow. I don't frequent YouTube though.


As you can see...

Bollywood WiMAX

This video is like its name, Bollywood style la got sing song sing song, head move here and there den dance dance lolx But what they want to tell through this video ad is with WiMAX you are free, you have the freedom, free from wired cables and you have WIRELESS connection.

From what P1 is offering currently at this point with the BIG modem, i don't see how much freedom can you gain la. Maybe this video is more suitable in the future then.

The Flasher

Then here comes the Flasher. Seriously i find this video quite disturbing. Yes they want to show people a funny video and stuffs but for me personally i think its not funny, the idea is a bit over i think. However i DO like what they are telling the people through this video, WiMAX is getting BIGGER and BIGGER.

I would love it if WiMAX DO get bigger in the future where there is a competition with Streamyx, just like the war between Celcom, Digi and Maxis.

THEN ONLY, the party who gets the biggest benefit is the people of Malaysia themself. Right?

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