Saturday, September 06, 2008

Video on download speed with p1WiMAX

Most of my friends who wanted to try this WiMAX service appears to stay in places that is out of the area coverage of WiMAX at the moment.

and so all these while i cant really get informations on the performance of WiMAX service and judge that the service is good or not base on real time user usage.

Just recently i received a video from my friend, a video on YouTube posted by other user of p1WiMAX showing the download speed using p1WiMAX service.

From the video, you can see that the average speed is around 120-130 kB/s. So i think the speed of the WiMAX service is alright. But still, there're a few issue, one is the BIG BIG modem that is needed so far in p1 packages. Another issue is when there's a rain, then the service will go slow with the speed going down & disconnection happens.

anyhow, we can't really expect that much from a wireless broadband service in country like Malaysia which have quite a number of rainy days per year. =(
Now i just hope that the BIG BIG modem idea will be scrap away with a much more smaller USB modem coming out from p1.

Of course, i would like to know more informations from those who are really using the WiMAX service. Whether its p1 or other company's WiMAX service.


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