Wednesday, September 03, 2008

review on You Don't Mess with the Zohan

I know this is a late one.Thanks to Kelli, I watched this movie 2 weeks ago but i was just too lazy to post about it. Many people have watched this movie by now. But since i've blog about The Love Guru, so why not posting on this as well. It's a stupid movie. =D

A movie about an Israeli commando faking his death to pursue his dream of becoming a hairstylist. O.O

Watching the movie knowing about the storyline made me raising my eyebrows.

faking a death in a fight with this idiot above..

and so, a powerful fighter of Israel as it seems in the movie, he left what is he was suppose to do and arrive in New York.

Finally, after a few tries, he found a job.....

and he enjoys doing it so much that he bang and erm... ahem
well... its too much of.. erm.. ahem ahem to me i think... when ahem just started, i still think alright its okay, and when it gets more and more and over, its just so wrong!!


eventually "scrappy coco" fell in love with his boss..

his boss..


Alright, i do think that she is quite pretty. Go google her yourself alright.
Good thing she's in this movie.
If not, all those stuffs that are too over might make me leave the cinema.

and yes, as expected, there's a good ending at the end of the movie where lovers can be together and enemies became friends.

Seriously, this movie made me laugh a couple of times with the perverted storyline, the storyline is ok only--acceptable, but the perverted ideas by the peeps who made the movie, it was too over i would say. A few times is just nice. But Not ALL THE TIME. ZZzzz. So yea, that's it.

my rating for this movie is 5/10


hyperx said...

At first I have no interest for the movie. But then a DJ said something about it and I started to gain interest. After I watch the movie, I'll say, don't waste your money over a stupid movie.

joshuaongys said...

> hyperx : ahahhah means u kena tipu by the DJ already lolx

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