Saturday, September 20, 2008

Broadband Mobility with Wimax?

In Malaysia, there're actually a few distributors for WiMAX.

but then, almost everybody is paying more attention on P1 W1MaX and i wonder why.

Maybe because the CEO of P1 is Michael Lai who was once handling the dominating broadband service in Malaysia - Streamyx. Maybe they are the first distributor who have launched the WiMAX service in Malaysia - in the last PC Fair.

There are various reasons that attracts people to have an extra eye on P1 WiMAX.

So when we talk about WiMAX, people who have did some readings on this technology will understand that its largely related to broadband mobility which made this technology a hit in some oversea countries.

but from what i see from P1 WiMAX, lets not talk about the packages and pricing now alright, let me touch on the device alone.

when you subscribe or if you've subscribe to this P1 WiMAX broadband service, you'll know what is this device in the picture above. Its the WiMAX modem that P1 provide along when you subscribe. As you can see, the device is quite big in size and i think its heavy as well. and if you care to go online and google a bit you'll find this picture below.

A much more smaller modem - the USB modem. Taken from

Everyone must be wondering why is this going on. They have the USB modem and yet they are giving out the much more bigger size modem to the current subscriber and event label the device worthing as much as RM999. Wow. O.O

and everyone must be freaking annoyed by the fact that you CANT EXACTLY bringing this device along with your laptop going here and there to go online in KL. Its such a fuss and a pain in the ass for KL people who are walking at a faster pace, and they have to carry such a device around IN ORDER TO GO ONLINE.

where is the broadband mobility?

i dont get it. =(

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the truth said...

Now you know why streamyx has not progress since day 1, correct?

joshuaongys said...

> the truth : ermmmmm i dun get wat u wana say hmmm

kchan said...

i guess w1max is not about mobility yet.

judging from the size of the 'modem' it could be a down-sized PC embedded inside it.


joshuaongys said...

> kchan : yea perhaps thats the case in msia.. i do hope that it is soon... sigh

Prasys said...

Nice uh entry on that. anyhow , you should read their T&C before registering. Plus they still throttle your p2p connection which sucks !

Anonymous said...

Unmonitored p2p on a wireless network is a suicide. They are just doing what other ISP in the world would do and have done.

joshuaongys said...

> prasys : thanks ahh i wont bother registering now larh, streamyx still is the best now for me although they have many problems, i'll jz observe how is the whole thing going on man..

> anonymous : lolx i dunno if i catch wat you want to say, mind explaining more on that?

Simon Seow said...

WIMAX mobility is when Intel launch it's Centrino 2 chip set for notebook which is build in with WIMAX receiver.

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

ho ho like that ke.. that usb i don't mind. hav u gotten it already?

moses said...

i didnt know it is damn huge hoho..
centrino 2 chip will have wimax receiver build in.

that time, don't have to pay for the modem anymore right? just sign up for an account.

joshuaongys said...

> simon seow : not only intel lar lolx others also i hope..

> linora 'aronil' low : they haven come out wit it wor.. thats the prob

> moses : lolx yeaps!!

Jason said...

Actually, the USB one is not stable yet

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