Friday, August 22, 2008

P1 WiMAX Launch, Pricing & Packages

Few days ago, i've mentioned about the official launch of P1 WiMAX and internet users could view the live telecast in this post here.

Due to my current internship, i couldn't make it to this launch @ Mandarin Oriental. Anyhow, ThomasYap managed to attend the launch and I heard that the whole thing went quite well with a few speeches and presentations.

There were quite a few demos there allowing the people there to see and try the WiMAX service and some information for people to understand more on the service.

Oh and i heard the service - food and stuffs were quite good that day. Hehe.
I know, its not related.


Here, below is one of the presentation video Thomas managed to record.

Alright, this is the main point.... P1 WiMAX Pricing and Packages

Here are the basic standard packages with price base on the speed and duration of subscription.

As you can see, there are 2 main categories. Personal and Business. Hmm i wonder how do they differentiate that. Means if you subscript for personal packages you cant use WiMAX in business areas??

and the speed - 400kbps - 700 kbps - 1.2 Mbps - 2.4 Mbps.

the price are.... to me quite pricey i would say. Yes you can online anywhere anytime with WiMAX. But please refer to the last few pictures of the launch above where you can see the size of the WiMAX modem.

Yes i can online anywhere anytime but the weight and size of a laptop is already quite a nuisance for me already and this modem adds in the trouble for me. Some of my friends would rather stick to Maxis Broadband/Umobile internet with just a small size USB Modem.

Nuff said. I do not want to elaborate more on this. Lets continue with the packages. =P

these are the promotional plans by P1 WiMAX

Promotional Plans for P1 WiMAX
-Validity period 20/8 – 30/9
-Applicable to P1 W1MAX 1200 & 2400 packages on the 12 month and 24 month contract
-Free modem worth RMRM999
-Prices have been reduced …. As highlighted in red(compare with the standard plans above)

So with the reduced price for this promotional plans, i guess people would more likely to be interested in the service right? I will personally see how the service goes, might ask some of my friends who is interested and will subscript.

So now if you're really interested then you might want to subscript to the service ASAP as the promotional period is from 20/8 till 30/9 only.

*launch pictures and video credits to ThomasYap


Royz said...

Do update more on this. Kinda interested since its 1.2mb package is cheaper than what I'm paying for streamyx.

Anonymous said...

not attractive at all..
imagine the ping when u r playing online usual, best effort guarantees about max connection.the other problem, only available in selected areas where maxis, celcom connectable anywhere there is phone signal

joshuaongys said...

> royz : alrite, will try my best =) you can find other blogs for more details, i remember coming across some blogger's blogs who have subscribe the service =)

> anonymous : yea not that attractive as its wireless and it is best effort only... thats why i say i do not want to elaborate more.. haha i'll just ask around my friends that have use the service.. =P

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