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A Gift to MTCW

If you know me personally, you'll know that I've been blogging since 2003/2004(changing a few blogs in the process). All these while, i appear to be an unknown blogger and remain inactive in the blogosphere. I only have a handful of friends who blog back then, most of them from a christian online forum - YouthAliveMsia Forums.

Only till early this year, i actively participated in a few bloggers related event. I made quite a number of friends and grew close to a few.

I shall not elaborate more on that part.

and so, today, i'm going to tell you all about someone. The someone is a she(she's not my gf). She was one of the first few bloggers i met when i first got my ass off my house and participate in some bloggers event.

We both first met in a media press screening.

She appears to be a quiet one when we first met. A handful of us bloggers were there for the screening.

I exchanged blog links numbers/msn with a few bloggers on that day.
and gosh, along with another blogger there, they both were working in an awesome company.

anyway, me and her, we met again in a flashmob. Along with her boyfriend and her friends, i tagged along and we all participated in a happening flashmob in KL.

She is a very nice person, nice until........ tagging me with this idontknowwhythereissuchidiotwhoissofreetocreatesuchlong tag.

and hmmmm....

I dare not say that we're very very close friends but i do read her blog from time to time since i know her.

and up till recently, she blogged about this.

I feel for her and i thought that i should give her something to make her feel better. So i decided that i will get this for her.

Egyptian Magic All purpose Skin Cream.

This very blogger friend of mine is having a hard time finishing up 4 assignments + 4 presentations and some of her teammates seems to be NOT-SO-CO-OPERATIVE. Knowing that how hard she worked in the company i've mentioned above during her internship, i'm assuming that she's having sleepless nights these few days rushing her uni-work.

As you can see in the picture, this is an all purpose skin cream. All the way from Egypt!

The land of Pyramids and Sphinx!!


So, as she won't be having enough sleep, she must be looking quite "chan" passing her days.

AND GIRLS MUST BE PRETTY EVERYDAY WAN RIGHT?? So she can use this cream as her magical beauty cream.

Applying it on her face to
-make her look outstanding and pretty
-remove the sleepiness in her
-removing eye bags
-whiten her skin
-keep skin soft & smooth
-controlling the excessive oil
-treating pimples that pop out results of not-enough-sleep

and more (yea and more, you know, like the chicken rice shop... Chicken Rice....and More)

How on earth you thought Cleopatra could attract Caesar?? Its all because of the cream.


Pretty lame huh?? Sorry for the lameness... =X

Alright, i think some of you clever people out there already know the purpose of this post.

So, yeah... I'm writing this post to join the Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest.

What i wrote above is all true except for me giving her the All Purpose Skin Cream that is.

and so i was browsing the RealMart website to find something to give it to her.

At first i thought that this would be useful for her.

The OSIM uPapa Back Massager

With this back massager that can effectively relieves muscle fatigue from her back, hips, thighs, calves and feet(fuh like everywhere). I thought that it was a good gift for her

until i....

found this item.

Which have such incredible functions
- Promotes stronger blood circulation
- Prevent the onset of near sightedness
- helps To reduce tension and fatigue
- helps To Prevent eye bags and wrinkles around the eyes

I was thinking to myself that she'll be using the computer for quite a long time so her eyes must be the one part of her whole body that she uses most and i thought that the functions of the Eye Massager could really help her in the period of finishing up her work.

and again i read and think... Ehhh the eye massager promotes stronger blood circulation wor, then can reduce tension sumore thus allowing her to concentrate more on her work and not panic!!

then i come to a very important comparison between both item.

The GINTELL Eye Massager - RM70.00

WTF WTF WTF WTF!!! one is RM770 and another one RM70??!!!


and then only i realize that i'm making things too complicated... why la find such stuffs...

then i was thinking that "she needs something to let her rest more only marh"...

so i thought of a pillow!!
*i'm pretty sure she have her own bed already lar... =)

Alright, the first one is cute but its pretty useless for her i think. Skip.
Second one looks nice, but er... no description wan on the website.... Skip.
I have one last choice only. The Samsonite Travel Pillow.

and i saw the description of the item
-Soft, flocked neck pillow provides support and comfort.
-Inflate to desired firmness

Ahhhhh nice, simple and nice and might serve her right as she can use it when she's doing her uni-work.
*okay lar i admit i'm stingy
uPapa Back Massager - RM770 || Gintell Eye Massager - Rm70 || Twinkie twinkie neck pillow - Rm25 || Akemi pillow -Rm51 || Samsonite Pillow - RM32

Alright la, so its set. Samsonite Travel Pillow it shall be.

This post is quite lengthy already right?? I bet that many people read half way and press alt-f4 already la, nvm nvm, i understand, my bad... and to those who managed to waste their time reading my stupid post, THANK YOU SO MACHI!!

I've selected the gift i want to give her ma. =)



Why didn't i think of this??

4pcs Japanese Universal Knife Set

Just buy a knife set for her so that she can go kill her lecturers as well as some stupid teammate she's working with and everything's settled!!!



Ok lah, sorry la wehhh, this post wasnt meant to be this long want lar... sorry sorry sorry... =X

joshuaongys : DONT!! PLEASE DONT!!

[theveryfewleftpersonwhoisstillreadingthispost stabbing joshua till death with the Japanese Universal Knife Set]

Oh by the way, the girl is MTCW - MichelleTanChingWuen

Take care yea Michelle!! =)

Links :
The Nuffnang Gift Ideas Contest.
RealMart Website


Anonymous said...

awwwwwwwwwww you're so sweeeet!!! :)

Thank you for the egyptian cream wtf is that i also duno later become mummy then how HAHAHAHAHA

Thank youuuuu you made my day :D:D:D:D:D

joshuaongys said...

> michelle : hahahahaha i also duno wtf is dat i was searching for beauty cream in google den dat picture came up and lame thoughts came to my mind hahahahahha

glad dat i made your day!! and now, FASTER GO FINISH YOUR WORK!

Just Jasmine said...

Hey, Joshua, I read all the way through!

Hmmm... give her everything only lah =P

Nanged you too :D :D

joshuaongys said...

> just jasmine : wahhh read all the way through, thank you jasmine =) ahaha i give her everything then she'll be confuse on wat to use liao hehehe

and again thanks =p

Johnny Ong said...

and when she's confused, while throwing the knives at the lecturer, she wld be throwing the rest at the same time (not knowing which to let go)

joshuaongys said...

> johnny ong : ahaha well i couldn't do anything much on that lolx

Hanis Zalikha said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwww awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!
that eye massager thing is the best! eh i also read all the way thru. ngeh. serious.

joshuaongys said...

> hanis zalikha : ahahahahahahahha among those items u think dat is the best ehh?? hehe thanks for reading all the way =) appreciate it hehe

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