Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Seventeen Cover Girl - Juanita!

It has been 2 months since Roxy Summer Splash ended. Some of you might have attended the event, some no. Anyway...

To those who know what's that, they might as well know about the competition in that event.

Seventeen Cover Girls
Seventeen Summer Hunks


Here are some of the pictures of the girls. Taken by my friends.

The Finalists

Part of the finalists

Juanita and HuiJing

HuiJing and Juanita

and i guess most people who were there knew who's the Seventeen Cover Girl this time right?

Juanita won the title hands down and i personally have quite a number of friends who favoured her among all the finalists.

Here are a little bit more of her pictures. =)

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

Isn't she beautiful!!! =)

Alright you might favour other girl among the Seventeen Cover Girls finalists and think that i'm bias in this matter.

and i can tell you YES! I'M BIAS!! HAHAHAHAHAHA

Juanita is my friend and i'm just promoting her larh!!

To the many people who don't know about this, Juanita have a blog.

She just started blogging not long ago, with just a few posts.
*blog link below

Ahhh, yea....

Want to see how she look last time? scroll down a bit more...

Picture taken in Awana Genting 2007. Yea, just last year.

if you cant spot her in the picture above i have nothing to say.

and actually, today is her birthday and i just want to take this opportunity to wish her


God Bless and all the best in your exams!! =P

*i doubt that she'll read this as her house internet line got problem =(


To Support Her, go get the latest Issue of Seventeen Magazine!!

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Nigelais said...

Put picture u and her ma...:P

DiEsE said...

From the 1st two pics (the group pics) I can see that she stands-out and more appealing than the rest of the finalists (and I've guessed right, she won!) Congrats to her!!
P/S: Maybe can suggest to her to try out for the next Malaysian Dreamgirl *hint* *hint*.

clamul said...

She definitely deserves to win cause she's so pretty~ ANyway, Happy burfday Juanita!

joshuaongys said...

> nigelais : lolx dowan lar.. later ppl/her fans come bash me...

> diese : hahahaha well some people do like other girls hehehe ahah she's still young lar, she dont really plan to go into modeling.. thats for now la, as i know... =p

> clamul : hahahaha yea gimme 5!!!

Keong said...

Actually I kinda prefer the one in blue and yellow bikini. Thought she was hotter.
But Juanita's alright too! lol

joshuaongys said...

> keong : owh dat one hahahhaha well like wat i have said, some people do favor other girls hehhe

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