Thursday, August 21, 2008

triggered thoughts on blog hopping

Random blog hopping can be very very fun at times. Fun when you stumble upon blogs like this. You can really gain many interesting information on stuffs around the world if you happen to hop in the right blogs.

and at times, you will come upon some post which is full of anger and emotions. Post like this below. The author of the post was really angry with a specific person.

The couple mentioned in this post. Its really a sad case i would say. If what written in the post is true, the guy must have been enduring much pain all these while. These kind of self-centred person mentioned in the post above acting in such a manner is really a pain in the ass.

and yes, i personally knew, seen, heard of such person existing around me/my group of friends and i am disturbed by how a person can act in such a manner. In a relationship, there'll be ups and downs i know but is there a need for the "specific person" to be so mean & cruel almost all the time?

I do think that such people are really incredibly unbelievable, let me share with you another example which i know of doing pointless stuffs hurting the other party in a relationship. I wouldnt say the person is of which gender. Lets say, A and B.

A took B's handphone and went ahead to delete B's handphone contact entries, the entries which is the people of the opposite sex of B, of course, the family member of B was spared but what is this? Why the removing??

Unbelievable? but its true!

I mean like, in a relationship, it should be a 2 way interaction, 2 side toleration and etc. Everything goes in between 2 parties and not just from one side to the other side. Sigh.

Of course, the one party who choose to keep quiet and endure all the sucky moments is to me, an idiot as well. The person do not know how to love himself/herself, so i would boldly make a statement that these kind of relationships won't last long. One who do not know how to love himself/herself won't know how to love the other part of his/her life.

Ahh, did i wander too far away??

Lolx, after all, its the thoughts that came into my mind after reading the post. Some random ones + some which i've been thinking all these while as well.

Love is a life learning topic and i'm still learning~ =)

*maybe i'm wrong in some part of this post i wrote, do correct me then. =p


Just Jasmine said...

Still learning too, me.

joshuaongys said...

> just jasmine : lolx =) all the best then!!

Kim said...

Is the lady insane o sth? She knows she's on the wrong then do sth about it. No one is perfect but realizing own mistake and continue doing so is so wrong! Poor guy there..

joshuaongys said...

> kim : i have no idea lolx.. sad case there with the poor but i would say stupid guy..

JunJun-Riko said...

i fail terribly in relationships... no idea what to comment... =/

joshuaongys said...

> junjun-riko : aha, nobody is perfect bah, thanks for leaving ur footmarks here though... like what i said, its a life learning topic =)


Tributetoasillygirl said...

well . what makes people blind once in a while ? haha ..

niseey said...

well, i don't know if what i did was right or wrong but i do delete contact from my bf's hp. simply because i can't stand to look at her name of course with reasons. if the other person try to act "funny" then i might as well take action to steer clear of what i want and what i don't want. if you ask me then what is tolerance all about ? if the other person can't consider for my feelings, why should i ? it's not that i owe it to them. ;)

*merely my opinion la*

niseey said...

but to delete all entries of opposite sex to him/her, that is paranoia. this people are just full of insecurities. i met one loose nut before and it's hillarious simply of she accusing his cousin's gf flirting with her boi which is so much younger than the boi.

joshuaongys said...

> tributetoasillygirl : hahaha actually... its most of the time!!

> niseey : even if how much u dislike your bf's fren, that hp belongs to him so hmm the delete should not happen...

thats what i think bah haa

and yes u know wat i mean by deleting all opposite sex entries.. dats juz stupid.. the loose nut u know might be the same loose nut i knew hahaha

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