Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nokia Media Launch @ KL Hilton

Was in Hilton Hotel KL earlier tonight attending the Nokia Media Launch. All thanks to Nokia(M), Text100 (M) and Davidlian as well=)

It was quite a tiring trip before that as i was going from spot1 to spot 2 then spot2 to spot1 then to spot3 alright ignore me.

anyway i reached there in time with Mun Hoe.

With Eevon and her colleagues working hard serving the people there. =) Was wandering outside the hall look look see see. Saw KY, Ringo and Jason Goh there.

Soon we got into the hall where there were a few booths where they showcase the soon to launch - Nokia Nseries phone. Saw more familiar faces like TimothyTiah, Pinky, Robb and Suanie. Lolx

Top - N85
Bottom - Wireless Bluetooth Headphone/Headset

Vlasta Berka, the new GM of Nokia Malaysia gave a short speech followed by someone who i think DOnotKNOWhowTOdoPRESENTATIONS presenting the N96 phone. O.O

Top -N96
Bottom Left - N85
Bottom Right - N79

3 new phones were introduced in this media launch with N96 as the main phone in line along with N85 and N79 as showed above.

after all the presentation and introduction on the phone N96, announcement was made that people can proceed to line up outside for food and more than half the hall left and grab their food as well as socializing with the other people around.

There were some live band performance there by 2 bands which is involved in Nokia Independent Artists Club, The Deserters & Lightcraft where else some people explore on N96 in nearby booths.

On the other hand, some people were at the gaming booth playing Asphalt3 on N96 itself hoping to win the so-called "fabulous prizes"

KY was one of them!! Of course i tried my luck too but i'm just bad in gaming. =( Good thing we had some people winning HAHA.

Both MunHoe and KY got to take home a Nokia Digital Photoframe.
COOL RIGHT??? Congrats to them!!

Ringo who was quite bored looking at us boys playing games started acting as a Nokia girl. A Innocent one i would say =P

a 2gb pendrive by Nokia

Althought i failed getting the prize i still get a 2gb pendrive back home, it was in the media press kit. I'm a happy guy already then. =)


So that is quite the end of this post. No, no details on the phone yet, i have not go through the exact information on the phones. I will go through it and blog about it soon. I HOPE!!

Before i end this post, i know you want this right?? You have it....

the girls.

And again thanks to Nokia(M), Text100 (M) and Davidlian!! =)

Alright. Till Then. Nights.
*pics by me and JasonGoh.


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joshuaongys said...

> yapthomas : O!
> simon seow : K!

BLue said...

ROAR~ I want free phone or freebies. Do let me know any event when I can get free stuff from KL during next month T_T I'm so damn broke

joshuaongys said...

> blue : i wan free phone also weh..... =(

KY said...

yeayyyyyy, got new digital photo frame. :D

joshuaongys said...

> ky : lolx congrats!

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