Monday, August 11, 2008

Just A Thought by DGMB

A short clip by DGMB...

+ Approx. 2 days before actual shooting day +
: Hey. Joshua, I'm gonna shoot an experimental video and I was thinking of having you in the first clip is it ok?
Me : er... me in the clip?? *idonotknowhowtoact*
Nigel : and Sheng Mae will be your gf in the clip....
Me : Ok! AWESOME! *wtf*
+ On the shooting day itself +

Day : Saturday
Date : 21st June 2008
Time : 7am onwards
Bloggers : Nigel, Kelli, Sheng Mae, Aaron, Me

The weather was good, the place was quiet, everything was nice except for the obvious fatigues written all over our face. It was too early for us bloggers who usually sleep VERY late at night. Furthermore it was a SATURDAY where we were suppose to be under the blanket till noon.

Anyway, although we laughed again and again during the whole time. We were really enjoying ourselves there. The 5 of us.

Furthermore, we were quite professional(not me). I meant Sheng Mae. LOLx

Just look at how professional she is!!!
*i figured out that i do not want to post so many pictures of myself, i looked like a zombie..

The overall shooting process didn't really take much of our time. With the award 5k winning director shooting the video, the whole process went real smooth.

We even have Kelli as our helper that day as well as Aaron as the photographer.

After the shoot, we had a great time gossiping chatting in a nearby mamak.

A short scene of the video.

So how did this video came out. Hmm, actually, Nigel have this little plan of his own to shoot some videos that is based on a theme that any Malaysian can relate to. Read more about the interview with Nigel on NST here.

and this specific video with the title Just A Thought actually came to mind when Nigel read one of PamSong's post on her blog.

You can view the video below. Hope You Enjoy.=)

*i know i sucks in acting.. =(

Inspired by PamSong
Shot by Nigel
Acted by Joshua & Sheng Mae
Video, Sound and Photos : Nigel, Kelli, Aaron

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kelz said...

hahahah helper eh?
so trueeeeeeeee~

hahaha it was a good day seriously.
fond memories and we got to see the 5k winner in action eh?


Nigelais said...

Small fry la me.

David Cheong said...

Hahahaha small fry win total close to 10k nia

joshuaongys said...

> kelz : hahaha u're a great helper.. the PERSON behind the scene hehehe =P

er hahahaha what shared that morning stays there.. lolx yayaya 5k winner in action.. muz get signature soon.. hhehe

> nigelais : lolx small fry pulak...WTEVA haha =X

> david cheong : yalo yalo.. hmphf!

sheon said...

when i saw the first pic...i thought "hey, thats a very colorful lampost"....

good attempt......but need to work on your expression a little more. :)

joshuaongys said...


ahaha well yea i have to be more "professional" hehe thanks dude =)

sheon said...

hey.....i tak ada apa apa niat jahat with that comment nah! i just didnt realize its a human form..hahah..

joshuaongys said...

> sheon : lolx dont have to explain hahaha =)

Katetricia said...

haha... can pass la !!

joshuaongys said...

> katetricia : thank you!! hehehe

Marc, 27 said...

Hey Joshua, I watched this short clip I think 2 weeks ago when someone blogged abt it.

I thought the person look like you but I din't know it is really you!

Anyway not too bad since this is your acting debut.....

The music is good...

joshuaongys said...

> marc, 27 : yea yea its Nigel. =) hahahahahahha its not like a formal project where we need to be professional lar hahaha we're just enjoying in the process of doing such stuffs with Nigel doing some experimental video shooting =P

thank you anyway hahaha all credits to the people behind the scene not me =)

Schmae said...

[sheon]: ... i hate you. >(

sheon said...

oh...c'mon schmae......i likey you... you no likey me??...hahahaha

- yuhhui - said...

sheng mae looks hot .. haha

joshuaongys said...

> shmae & sheon : HAHAHAHAHA

> - yuhhui - : lolx many people said so =p

Schmae said...

[joshuaongys]: OI BUDAK. its sChmae okay! >(

[sheon]: i likey you now. no likey joshua. hmph.

joshuaongys said...

> schmae : O.O

Jeffro said...

Wah!! ada video clip..
woot woot..

ok wut ur acting joshua..
ada the emo effect.. ^_^

Schmae looks kinda ganas there..

in the scene:
*pushes joshua*
*or something lidat*

joshuaongys said...

> jeffro : lolx got emo effect also u can see wan arh... i only saw myself being quite stupid in it hahaha

and yes she's ganas!! shhhh dont tell her i said that hahahahha

thanks anyway =p

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