Wednesday, August 20, 2008

no point

I came in to work this morning finding out something really stupid. This stupid act have been around for quite a few weeks and i find it pretty pointless.

Some people just prefer to think the wrong way, walk the wrong path when they have the chance to think more positively and take a better road resulting in living their lives miserably being suspicious towards the people and stuffs around.

These people, really no point. What they think, What they do, No Sense.

There are more to elaborate if i want to but then again, nvm bah.

No point doing so. I'll just end up being the same person as i've mention above making my life miserable. Lolx. As funny as it seems, i do pity these people. They really do need to change. Like what someone told me years ago : "Go Get A Life!!~" i'll say the same.


*and yes i'm pointing finger at not1, not2 but several people, if you "terasa" after reading my post then TOO BAD. Don't come up to me asking me if i'm pointing at you, if you "terasa", go think why you "terasa".


jėss.T said...


why do certain people do things when they know it's pointless? oh well, maybe just for the sake of it.

people are nonsensical characters


Simon Seow said...

Intern no life or the full time there no life?

joshuaongys said...

> jėss.T : actually... these ppl who do pointless things doesn't seems to think its pointless.. so yea...

> simon seow : lolx.. simon.. this post is very deep wan... there're a few people i'm pointing at... not only people at work =P

l a b e l s


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