Friday, August 29, 2008

Clive's House Party @ Poppy

There's a new magazine in town. First showing its face in July, targeting the men/guys in Malaysia, Clive Magazine is here.

Just yesterday, there was this Clive House Party @ Poppy, sort of like the official launching of this magazine Clive.

was there with a couple of friends, queuing up in line since 8.40pm outside of the venue. nigel taking the picture.

we got our goodies bag and went into the venue finding ourselves in the midst of quite a big crowd there already.

a few of us met some friends and went on socializing, building up more networks leaving the others stoning aside looking at chicks and hunks. =)

the event haven start yet.

Soon, there was a short announcement indicating that the party have just started and...

2 girls came forward to the middle where there were 2 poles and they start dancing.. o.O

i wasn't really fascinated then, the 2 girls were... Zzz.. lets skip that shall we?? =)

after that, the 2 hosts for the night(Marion Caunter & Joey G) came out and how excited/happy am i to see Marion!! LOLx forget about the pole dancing girls, they sarks.... =D

they did their job which is talking and talking and seriously i have no idea what they were talking because i was just focusing on Marion alone.. SHE'S HAWT!!!=D

and the next thing i know, some guy was performing there already O.O
*why cant just let Marion talk the whole night...

some MalaysianIdol dude which i don't care much because he went out of tune a few times and he's not THATgoodINsinging. I can see everyone chatting among themselves and only the photographers were like paying attention on him as they were TAKINGPHOTOS. Sorry i should not judge thatsit.

then there's this official launch of the magazine where everyone got their hands on the September issue of Clive Magazine. The 3rd issue of the mag. The important thing is, Marion was the covergirl!! *smiles*

some random pictures lolx =)

Alright, the other highlights of the party...


a makeover for 5 guys with clothing fully sponsored by Mooks.

some games sessions where the people there have the chance to win something which includes a scaled version of MiniCouper and 1 year subscription of Clive Magazine if i'm not mistaken.

and there's this lucky draw where this guy above won a BALL watch worth 5.3k DARN. Look at his face!!! Rob him when you bump into him!!! =P

so that was quite a night for me...

meeting Marion Caunter in person =D

having royalshortness david teaching us some pollness of his.. O.O


and how i wish to drive this home...

i know... dream on.... =(

and i know you want more of these....

More Pictures of Marion Caunter

heeeeee.... not that much picture of her after all... =P


take care. =D

*speaking of magazine, have you get your hands on the newest issue of Seventeen Magazine?? Go get it!! Got many bloggers in it!! lolx
*all pictures above taken by Nigel


Yatz said...

marion woooooot..
joshlim like fish mcb..take home 2 stacks of beer..mcb

=chuanguan= said...

wow wow wow..@_@

joshuaongys said...

> yatz : yes marion!!!!!! aha he took back one stack only lar.. one more duno go where d =P

> =chuanguan= : HEE hee HEE!!!

Just Jasmine said...

Marion, I like! :D

BLue said...

ROAR I want that COOPER!!!

joshuaongys said...

> just jasmine : everyone like i mean love marion!! haha

> blue : the mini is mine!!! ROARRRR

Xjion89 said...

OMG, u took pics with Marion.
So nice leh(^^)Envyyyyyy

joshuaongys said...

> xjion89 : hehehehe yessssss!!!!!! haha u sure got chance wan la.. nex time k?? =P

a@ron said...

Marion freaking HAWT!

joshuaongys said...

> a@ron : YESH SHE'S HAWT!!!!

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