Sunday, August 17, 2008

Skipped 2 Events for 1 Trip

You read it, and AGAIN, i skipped few events for 1 thing that was planned.

There was this happening event @ Mid Valley, The Nuffnang/WCG event.

Where 7 teams of Nuffnangers battle against


for the cash prize RM1500

On the other hand, there was this secondary school friends gathering @ Look Out Point. A very rare "big" gathering that will only happen once in a blue moon. Its rare because some of the people were studying overseas and this was the only one nicely planned day that most of the peeps will be in KL, Malaysia.

Both events really interests me VERY VERY MUCH.... =X

But before these 2 came up, i already marked my calendar for another trip with some friends. A planned trip long long time ago. OK, not that long... but it was before these 2 things came up and i was LOOKING FORWARD for this specific trip, Genting trip with some of the DGMB-ians already and i have no regrets skipping the other 2 events for this.


there was great company. =)

i learned some "important" lessons.. lolx

dramas happened "here" and there.. MUAHAHHAHAHA

not to mentioned the infinite "scandals" we had up there...

and many more highly confidential stuffs...

and The most important thing was the laughter shared...

and the time being together.. and yes before i forgot, the attention that we get in Genting..

with our very own KLCC tower of DGMB walking around in Genting with us...
*ok i made this up sorry HM n SJ!! =)

It was a trip that i hope everyone of DGMB joined but nevertheless it was great, wish that there'll be a trip where all member join in the future which i don't think it is anywhere possible.


I have no idea that the peeps felt so or not that i was not in a good mood during the trip..

Actually, i was pretty bothered and emo these few days.... it was some personal matters, some stuffs that i was angry at myself with for quite some time... i really really hope for more smiles and happiness for.................................................


and to be frank, i enjoyed the whole trip.. very very much, but just with those stuffs bothering me in and out. I love you peeps.


and yes before i end this post, i would like to congratulate my friend for winning the Nuffnang WCG Counter Strike competition, LOLx.

Timothy Tiah, Robb, YeeHou, Nicholas.. WHY LAR!!! i was rooting for you all wan lorrrrr!

I didnt know that my friend is playing in the competition until like 2 days before and i actually know everyone in the team.... The girl is my friend's GF and the other team members of my friends were my secondary school juniors.. o.O and since i'm nobody, i don't think they remember me, but still, i would like to congrats them for winning the competition especially Vozxx!!

and yea peeps, i still cant manage to find any really interesting post on the Nuffnang/WCG event. No nice nice pictures and really detail information on the events.

Only Boss Tim/Timothy did a nice post covering the event. Other bloggers leh?? i heard there're many bloggers there...... one by one lazy ar!! Zzzz

*WCG pictures stolen from TimTiah's blog and Gathering pic stolen from LeeLi's facebook photo album.
** There'll be another post on the Genting trip.


Hurley said...

most of my mates already post up la, but since we are using the same camera...the variety is similar. The story is told differently tho, do drop by my humble little blog =P

Simon Seow said...

How do you find Dreamz? I personally like the motorcycles part and the acrobat.

yapthomas said...



joshuaongys said...

> hurley : read your post already hehehe

> simon seow : ahahaa i find it interested at times and lame at times as well.. its been quite some time(the last time was a kid) since i watch something like this.. so i think the whole thing is interesting for me =)

> yapthomas : lolx haha

=chuanguan= said...

all da winning bloggers are ur friends r..haha..v pro le...

joshuaongys said...

> =chuanguan= : hmm to be exact 3 of them are my sec scl juniors and only one is my fren bah hahaha.. and yesh they are pro =p

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