Monday, August 25, 2008

4 Days in a Row - Exhausted But NICE

Last few days was quite a BLAST for me. Everything was just planned by different people where the days are near to each other.

On Thursday, we celebrated Sue's birthday in Sunway Pyramid with a dinner @ Dragon i and proceeded to MOS Euphoria which got me quite tired lolx.

Then on Friday i met up with Michel, Kenrick, Joash and Joash's Youth Cel Group @ Joash place where we had Bible Pictionary. The night was continued @ Nigel's house with some gaming + movie.

On Saturday, there was this Read While Waiting Project by RandomActs in KL Central @ 3pm. It was really interesting =P Seeing the people gather together reading stuffs be i newspaper, book, novel and etc. Its fun looking at passerby's expression as well lolx.

In the night itself @ Saturday, we had Satay Celup + Pot Luck @ HweiMing's place where we enjoyed our time together, having some "fights" chasing each other around the place as well as having a mini concert by Nigel and blablabla etc etc etc. lolx.

On Sunday morning, she came back to KL and i went to fetch her as well as taking some of her belongings with me back home as she will be shifting soon already, she cant really bring so many stuffs with her when she's moving. It was so nice of her to get me some "medicine" as she knew that i was sick.

There was this sharing session by Nuffnang/Italliannies in 1 Utama later in the evening-night where a small number of us bloggers gather together with 2 of the MDG girls along with a few Nuffies. We talked about the recent politics, scandals, fights, gossips, wars basicly get to know each other more in person, made a few more friends, saying a few whoa to some surprising information & etc as well as Cindy & Ringo sharing with us on their love-hate relationship during&after the whole MDG drama.

I personally enjoyed everything i mentioned above, but my body don't seem to agree with me and so it just went from normal to sick mode.

Will blog about the stuffs above soon. I hope. =(


§pinzer said...

busy eh joshie? careful alright dun overdue yourself, otherwise you'll miss more important events!

gotta choose wisely ;)

Nigelais said...

Joshie. Kakakakaka.

Get well soon, party boy.

DiEsE said...

joshua... u dun look sick during the sharing session.. get well soon..

Josh said...

Get well soon Joshua. ^_^

joshuaongys said...

> §pinzer : hahahhahahaha sure thing sure thing... ermm more important events such as??

> nigelais : party boy?? O.O

> diese : hahahaha i am good in disguise!!

> josh : thank you josh... ><

blue_racoon said...

josh: nice meeting you ystd....and for the longest time, i thot ur blog was joshuaonGUYS ... *blushes*

so sorry....i think i may need to change my glasses dee...

joshuaongys said...

> blue_racoon : nice meeting you too... and you are??? hmmm there're a few ppl with glass there haha...

joshuaonGUYS... HAHAHAHAHHAHA nvm now u know its not!

blue_racoon said...

i was sitting beside nigel, to be more precise....i was sitting in front of Kel Li.....can recognize dee?

joshuaongys said...

> blue_racoon : lolx i know who d.. haha

Jeffro said...

LMAO @ joshuaONguys..

btw, woah! party-wild maximus..
how u managed to keep up??


joshuaongys said...

> jeffro : where got party-wild maximus?? lolx hahaha how arh, i uses a secret medicine muahahah!! no larh.. i failed badly wehh.. dats why i fell sick... hehe so dun salute me..

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