Friday, August 01, 2008

Free Stuffs on Free Trial in PC Fair

Have been hearing people talking about WiMAX here and there.

I have stated some of my thoughts on it as well previously here and here.

and finally PC Fair is in town again.

Frankly speaking i don't fancy PC Fair as much as i do already. I use to.

PC Fair used to be an event where i wont become part of the sardines and sandwiches, and prices of most item will be really cheaper than usual.

Now? You'll be instant sardine when you walk into the halls and with all the hassle walking in between sweaty mammals being a moving sardine, i rather pay the normal price for something i really want so badly.

Alright enough of my craps already.

This time, the one and only reason i'm heading to PC fair is because of this "new" broadband technology in Malaysia.

The incoming of WiMAX into the market have made quite a buzz around already and they are providing free trial for public to test on the service. Even so, many people are still very skeptical on this new broadband service, including me myself.

Anyhow there's this online contest going on in conjunction of the launching of WiMAX and the period of time for this contest is as long as the period of PC Fair and i'm not amazed by the prizes.

The prizes are :
5 Canon printers (Model: IP 1300)
10 4GB PenDrives

Seriously i think that the prizes are cheap stuffs lor. A hard disk drive / LCD Monitor and etc would more likely attract my attention more on joining this contest.

A better Canon Printer or a PenDrive of higher storage might is fine with me as well. But..

IP1300?? 4GB PenDrives??


Anyhow, on second thought, the WiMAX service will be provided base on free trials and on top of that you'll get a chance to win "something" back home meaning that you don't have to spend a single cent and you get 2 "stuffs" for free.

OKAY lor.. We're all typical Malaysians who just love free stuffs regardless of what it is. Free tissue paper also we'll be heading home a happy person.

So yea, i'll be heading to PC Fair just for this WiMAX launch.

Do come and give a pat on my back if you happen to see me there yea!! =)


RealGunners said...

when is the PC Fair ah? ~.~"

joshuaongys said...

> realgunners : today start lor till this sunday! hahaha

SJ said...

In case you win lar...

joshuaongys said...

> sj : hahahahahah well

l a b e l s


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