Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Real Bad Advertisement Placement

Sometimes its really fun browsing the net. You can find all sorts of interesting stuffs here and there. Some that you won't be noticing if you at the same place same time but people noticed it.

Maybe some mistakes made in a movie by the producing team, maybe some ghost like image in a specific photo, maybe some wrong spelling on a specific signboard, or misuse of words in some places.

Just only, i came across this website where they have really bad advertisement placement examples.

These are some examples found on the internet.

A news of a dead baby result from a house fire with an ad with the line Burn baby. Burn!

A news of the death of a skydiver and an ad from the AmericanAirlines.

A news on a brain-damaged woman with an ad asking a question on What is your IQ.

All these ads were most probably assign to websites that appear to have certain keywords that might be related to their ad. Yeah, automated assigned ads is quite a good move aite?

You cant blame them, if the ads were all automated, then that will make job easier for the staffs, they don't have to surf the millions of websites and figure out to assign which ad to which web.

But see these below.... Ads that were placed on real world locations

A Nestle ad with a girl licking beside a rubbish bin.

2 Ads, one promoting Cancer, one anti Cancer, do i need to say more?

2 ads again, one advicing parents that childhood obesity is a serious matter which another one is promoting fast food(the main factor to children obesity cases in the overseas.)

I think i do not have to say anything more bah, i've placed a number of pictures above already. I do personally think that the ads places in real world locations were placed intentionally, thus attracting more people to view them. All these stuffs really crack me up and made my day!

Its such a wonderful world aite?? =)


pinky said...

hehe..Funny pics:) Mostly the pics are a lil oxymoron:)

joshuaongys said...

> pinky : ahahahha glad you like it =)

Crisp said...

Hmm...i tot I saw this similar post before somewhere...

joshuaongys said...

> crisp : yes i bumped into some site when i was doing entrecarding.. but i accidentally closed the site.. forgot the blog add already... left the source page of the ads only... o.O

oOFooi said...

That was funny advert I had ever see... was that a coincidence..??

joshuaongys said...

> oofooi : glad that you like it =) well, i really have no idea whether is it a coincidence they placed the ads that way... hehe

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