Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Read While Waiting Project by RandomActs

23 August 2008. 3pm.4 locations.

There was this project going on. In 4 different cities in the world.






Project name Read While Waiting which have its objective clearly stated in the name.
Read WHILE waiting, be it ANYWHERE, ANYTIME.
A meaningful project by RandomActs promoting reading.

the location in KualaLumpur was in KL Sentral.

me taking train to the destination.

I'll just let you see some of the pictures during the the project okay? =)

to me it's so cool. Its meaningful as well promoting reading to people around. =P

and here, it's Thomas and me ACTING as though we are in the PROCESS!!

lolx... LOA la both of us.
*lack of attention.

at the end of the day, everyone smiled with a book in their hands enjoying this whole process. I was glad that i'm involved in this as well. It was quite an experience for me.

Please logon to RandomAlphabets for more pictures on this project. =)


Sue Me said...

I wanted to join too..but but..I got class on Saturday. :(
Kor, you pretend to read only ah? reality takde baca ga? more we shall..magazines also shiok.
*flipping new Cleo mag*

foongpc said...

This is a great project to be involved in! Reading is a very good habit to promote, especially to majority of Malaysians who read only 2 books a year!

Andrew said...

owh no!! random alp again!! next time let me know aso k??? if i free i aso mau join!! hehehe =D apa la u .. tak work the otherday.. =p

joshuaongys said...

> sue me : nex time la =) yea i pura pura baca only hehehehe bleh

> foongpc : yea it is a meaningful one!! owh i didnt know that, malaysians who read only 2 books a year... thats sad...

> andrew : hahaha andrew... okay sure sure sure... i duno when is the nex time they have such projects though.. =p

Anonymous said...

Josh, I prefer looking at the Char Bor rather than reading about your project :)

BLue said...

Reading rocks! Maybe next time you'll see me with a book on my next trip to KL ;p

yapthomas said...


bonoriau said...

Great project..reading is the most important method to update our knowledge...but but why our community don't want to read!!!

joshuaongys said...

> myversion : hahaha u're not the first one who thought so hhaha

> blue : next trip to kl?? hmm when?? lolx

> yapthomas : FUHHHHHHH!!!!

> bonoriau : yes its a great project, your community?? u mean in indonesia?? why not u start something like this den?? =P

vingie said...

hey! i see myself! hahaa.. i'm the girl in blue reading Rape of Nanking! was my first time joining anything like that... but it was reallly fun! :)

Jeffro said...

woootza! I see all three of us, pura pura baca! LOLx!

joshuaongys said...

> vingie : hahaha =) good thing u enjoy it!! join more of such projects by randomacts and u'll enjoy more!! hehe i enjoyed myself during kl freeze a few months back!

> jeffro : yea yea pura-pura baca... tsk tsk tsk.. ur mag i read before.. lolx very fast den read finish d hahaha the cam mag by sony.. haha

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