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Welcome to Malaysia Blogosphere

Recently, bloggers in Malaysia really gets a whole lot of attention compared to last time. They will appear frequently in magazines, newspaper, attending media events as well as other events.

Voicing out their opinions, be it negative ones or positive ones, every bloggers will blog about what they saw, what they did, they've gone through. They have become an alternative to the mainstream media out there. Don't get me wrong, blogs and bloggers did not replace the mainstream media and THEY CAN NEVER replace the mainstream media.

You know, this world is full of craps and everybody have their own shit to face. Each day, everyone have different shit coming straight in their face, be it big shit, small shit, cow shit, dog shit and whatever shit.

Some of the more popular bloggers then will be the center of attention with their lives, statement, thoughts, opinions and etc being view under a magnifying glass.

and as far as i exist in the Malaysia blogosphere, i saw/read/heard bloggers facing shit in different ways, some funny, some quietly, some noisy, etc and ultimately... some fugly.

be it old time bloggers or new age bloggers, every now and then, there're shits around for them to eat.

The BIG difference is, last time it's just within a small little community of bloggers and NOW its a HUGE community with lots of bloggers along with their groupies.

Nontheless, all the drama, fighting, foul-mouthing, scandal that happen there and then will be spread extremely fast in the speed of lightning with blogging & internet pahwer.

Its quite a sad case actually. As much as i'm 38 and want to know about the stories with me finding out more, the more i feel bad for them.

Some bloggers used to be close together, enjoy and exchanging laughters with each other and i used to enjoy reading these blogs where they will post happy happy stuffs they did with their friends in some events, vacation trips and etc.

But when time pass, some bloggers changed and became a totally different person....

For some bloggers who love boasting, whats the big deal of it?

For some bloggers who love ranting so much with vulgar words all around, nice meh?

For some bloggers who love pointing here there everywhere, why la?

people don't care if you are so rich or whatsoever..

you can rant, you can complaint, you can flame, you can scold, you can curse, and you can even freaking pay loads of moolah to put an advertisement on a local newspaper as well to promote that person/blogger you dislike so much.

but, i don't see a point in making people's life miserable.

for everything that happen/exist in this world, i'm sure that there's a limit there...

and yes, i've flame someone before, but that's it. After that, i didn't really mention anything on this blog about him already.

and so, why must some people cross over the border and break the limits.....
When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, "If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her."
John 8:7

i've been meeting alot of bloggers lately.... be it in Nuffnang events..

or in Advertlets events...


YES, i've been told about many stuffs between this, that, him, her, she, he it, everybody, anybody, somebody everybody AND this, that, him, her, she, he it, everybody, anybody, somebody everybody.

Ahhh cut that crap la...
A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.
John 13:34-35

I just want to make more friends...

*you can say that i'm a pathetic attention seeking loner but i only accept God's judgement on me not you thank you =)

and its quite rare to see such stuffs(as the picture above)

its even rare to find some people that you can click and be close with.

some are really very random + strange & stupid ones... =)

again here, you can tell me that i've not seen the cruel world out there with many beasts and animals that will kill you instantly when they see/meet you with their ohsowonderfullyplan wicked plan. I would tell you that don't judge a person through his blog post and his blog and how he writes. =)
"Do not judge, or you too will be judged."
Matt. 7:1
I just choose to believe in a world that is a little bit more beautiful, with people that is a bit more humane and are kind enough and etc.

I choose to think a bit more positively and well i'm sure that SATAN will come to me and throw me in to a series of hell session then. I hope that i can come out of that then.
And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
Mark 12:31
So now, to those who just came into Malaysia Blogosphere and think that they are a NOOB....


Go get some of these books above.... and if you think you're clever and NOT NOOB

I present this to you, the happiest book in the world.

I wish you happiness for as long as you blog... and if you come across some bad/negative/ugly side of the blogosphere, fret not!! Refer back to the book above and remember the most important thing.


make sure you make love, not war!!


At the end of the day, just smile through all the shits you face/came across in this very blogging world. Enjoy blogging, peeps!

and lastly,

HAPPY 080808!!!

*Beijing Olympics is happening today! many couples are going to get married today too!!! cheers =)


David Cheong said...

This is very true. Back when we started, everybody was so friendly and that's when fame starts turning they're minds upside down.

So what if they are more popular then some others, so what if you have higher readership. What matters is the friends that we make from all of these experiences.

You know, from the whole issue thingy, it's quite saddening to see old friends, and some close ones backstabbing each other and lose a friendship due to f*cked-up decisions.

And I'm telling you, if anything were to happen to us as we are now, I ain't ever gonna forgive the person responsible hmph!

Ahhh just needed to say that lol, love you josh hahaha

Relax said...

waaaa lotsa pics, lotsa bloggers....
bloggers life is like wind wind rain rain

Do you think msian blogsphere and singapore blogsphere should collaborate in some ways?

Just Jasmine said...

Love this post, thanks Joshua!
And hey happy 080808 :D

RealGunners said...

something happened??

Ohkulala said...

oh dear, it seems to me the blogging world from your perspective have goon from sweet to sour. and while i'm in the dark ( ok ok, completely in the dark) about the flamming of bloggers, i sure hope it will stop soon enough. i find it sad how people who share a common interest can turn against one another. what happened to being fair and non-judgmental?

Katetricia said...

Nothing much to comment, but all started from it,

"A heart at peace gives life to the body, but envy rots the bones" Proverbs 14:30

Guess, that's the reason why things are happening more on the negative side.

Kudos to Joshua with the heart of kind and peace for this entry!

Just hang on there, like you say, not for any one of us to judge.

Ps: I still like reading Joshua's entries wakaka

3POINT8 said...

dang it~~~
you've been to so many gatherings dy. I want to be in at least one!!!!

joshuaongys said...

> david cheong : fuhh so long ur comment hahaha the old timers, that time, it rawks huh?? and yea, i guess that thing call fame came changing certain peps.

and yes, the friends is the ones that matters... HUGS!!! yucks.. lolx

sad enuf it is, buthen, what can we say about it... =(

LOLX if u started it how ar hahhahaha but well u're a royalty urself already, so i guess you dont have to take up the responsibilities huh hahaha

i love you too!! yucks X 2.... =X

> relax : hahahaha yayaa, if words only sure bored ppl off wan hahaha i love putting pictures here and there... and yes i do think both sides should collaborate but well its hard.... we all know dat =)

> just jasmine : aha glad you love this post too, yea happy 080808 to you too!! although already pass at this time i'm replying your comment

> realgunners : lolx well =X

> ohkulala : ahahaha no la my world is still sweet but i see the sour side of other bloggers hehehe and well i guess it wont stop bah, it will happen again and again, repeating itself.. just from one blogger to another blogger thats all.... ahhaha this world is like that huh?? i just choose to see it a bit more positively =)

> katetricia : thanks for your support, i needed that and i appreciate it =) ahaha u sure u like reading my entries anot, i have alot of boring grandma stories back in my archive =P

and yes, we should let GOD only to judge. =)

> 3point8 : aiya you fast fast come back to msia and i'm sure u'll be in one in no time!! =P

- yuhhui - said...

Good one. Couldn't put it better myself! =) Stay neutral in things we don't know eh. =)

joshuaongys said...

> -yuhhui - : thanks =) YES, stay neutral in things we don't know.. even if we know also.. we should stay neutral =p

mckhoii said...

Hi! I've Fagtagged you @ fagtag #16 @
Please tag back to ping back the techno. Thanks much and GO Blogs Bloom!!! ^_^

mckhoii said...

Hi! I've Fagtagged you @ fagtag #16 @
Please tag back to ping back the techno. Thanks much and GO Blogs Bloom!!! ^_^

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