Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My Favourite Computer Game of All-Time

*this is an entry to join the World Cyber Games Blog Contest by Nuffnang & Samsung. =)

Last Friday, i was chatting with a few friends on our past times. From TV shows like power rangers, He-Man, Transformers to games like Tank, 1942, Super Mario, and etc.

Looking back at the kids nowadays who're all hooked up to computer games and only computer games, i felt that i have a much more nicer childhood time than them. My childhood involving me getting some bling bling Dragonball cards from some card vending machine after school or turning another type of vending machine to get some stuffs in an "egg".

Other than that, we have MicroGenius back then. With the lame controller which consist of select, start, up, down, left, right and a b buttons, i had lots of sleepless nights playing those games. Sitting near to the televisions, having many scoldings from the parents, going through higher levels and different worlds in the games made my day as well as making my fingers pain/tired/sore.

Computer came into the scene then and took the world by storm with their multi-function features. I was introduced to various computer games back then. Only a few did impressed me and made me hooked up to computers. I'm sure some of you know what games are those, the likes of Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Starcraft, Warcraft, Diablo, Red Alert and maybe Age Of Empire.

Among all the games that i've played, i'm most impressed by the games made by Blizzard. Especially the Diablo series.

I still remember the first time having Diablo at home. It was a win95 pc if i'm not mistaken. Back then it was a hit. I was so exciting when i was installing the game on my pc. If i'm not mistaken, the game only require 200mb of hard disk space.

The quests were all accomplished by going down one level by one level, slashing monsters and the Big Bosses. I still remember one Big Boss with the name, The Butcher. HAHA. I was so kan cheong when i fight with him, running here and there. Being a noob gamer, i spent quite long finishing the game, i actually did went online with the 56k line to find walkthrough. =P

Being such a hit, Blizzard came out with Diablo 2 with 5 all new character classes, monsters and ultimate Bosses. Here, players are allowed to explore more in the game.

More terrains were added where players can explore the outside world, catacombs, caves, and some historical buildings. Its much more exciting than the first game.

The 5 new character classes- Paladin, Necromancer, Amazon, Sorceress, Barbarian

Again, i spend endless hours and sleepless nights playing the game up down left right here and there and because that i'm such a noob gamer, i spend real long playing the game. =(

Soon, Blizzard came out with expansion set of Diablo2 wtf with 2 extra character class.

2 Extra new character classes - Assasin, Druid.

Blizzard are really good at making games as well as attracting people to play their games. They must have earned ALOT and i mean really ALOT through the games they made.

More money than i've earned in the game alone by selling items and pawning monsters. =P

With 7 characters to choose each with different skills and abilities, i spent a lot of time with my friends playing this game in multiplayer mode. I can still remember saving my character file in a diskette, YES DISKETTE!!! NOT PENDRIVE!!lolx and go to the cyber cafe near my school and proceed in playing the multiplayer mode for Diablo.

We traded various items, some useful, some useless, went to the blacksmith to forge new items with runes and etc.

Exploring the different terrains, up and down, deep and far away from base, with different weather conditions as well, running into traps and stashes of treasures..

Using the different spells, skills and abilities which i thought was a helluva graphic effects back then on the bad guys(some undead o.O), killing them aiding teammates and helping each other in battles..

Battling the Big Bosses, which require endless bottles of potion and mana, the right supporting spells, the abilitities as well as running skills when we were badly damaged by the big bosses, some bosses require us to have a few tries and different combinations of spells and tactics in order for us to kill them and finish the missions...

winning the battles and getting unique items together and celebrating our victories adding new stats and new skills to our characters.

One of the best moments playing a specific game. The excitement and syiok-ness whenever you finish a level, go to a different world, exploring the places, getting unique items, pawning the boss and monsters together with friends. From Easy to Hell difficulty level. It was quite a memory for me. =)

Blizzard really really do produce top level games and set the standards there for other games developer as well as impressing the many gamers from all over the world. Their games made an impact all over the world except for Starcraft Ghost.

Just as much as Robb love playing the game Starcraft (from blizzard as well!! haha), i love playing Diablo series.

and of course my favourite game of all time would be Diablo 2 Expansion : Lord of Destruction.

So, do you have a Favourite Computer Game of all time running in your head now? Don't tell me you spent your whole time reading books, doing homeworks and revision non-stop in the past!!


Anyway, my favourite Microgenius game is Tank. =) *shoot shoot shoot other tanks.... hehe*

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Ale said...

HAh! I also love Tank! I used to suck at it and play till I almost get heart attacks >.<

Huhuhu.. Ey.. Wanna ask you, how many times do you blog a day? HOw come everyday I read your blog like forever wan eh O.o


joshuaongys said...

> ale : lolx how can u suck at tank weh... its so easy to play... up down left right and shoot only marh hahahahahahahaha

erm... dats a good question hahaha i'm in blogging craze now =P heee

Elaine Chung said...

MicroGenius! I haven't seen that for a loooooong time. You still keeping it?

joshuaongys said...

> elaine chung : me too, haven seen that in ages already.. hahaha i think my mom threw it away already lor.. even if i keep also i think cant play d.. too dusty lolx

Danie Michael Lee said...

micro genius.... brings back those old memories. Tank, super mario, kung fu etc...

I see you like Diablo very much.

Diablo 3 and StarCraft 2! im waiting for them to release the games!

joshuaongys said...

> danie michael lee : yesh!! those old memories that the kids won't have nowadays!! HMPHF.. spoilt brats haha

yes i like diablo and i'm waiting for starcraft2 as well.. hope that when they come out i have money to buy a new computer o.O

julian said...

I was a big fan of Starcraft and Red Alert, back in pre-millenium W95 days. But I used to spend so much time playing that I stopped buying games...
My first games were on a Spectrum - way before your time, around 1981!

Falcon said...

Command and

joshuaongys said...

> julian : i'm not a big fan of red alert but starcraft yes hehe.. on a spectrum?? hmm lolx never heard of it.. i shall google it later!

> falcon : yea C&C lolx.. too bad they went out of favour already throughout the years..

LJP said...

Diablo II was my favourite. Quake and Doom were also good.

julian said...

Actually, to be precise - a ZX Spectrum -

Looking at the Wikipedia entry, it must have been 1982-3. Back then the storage was on a tape-cassette, i.e. analogue! If you played the tape, it made lots of screeching and beeping sounds, a bit like a modem.

joshuaongys said...

> ljp : quake and doom were good but i still love diablo2 weh hahaha =)

> julian : thats sounds really ancient... o.O i cant seem to load the wiki page here... maybe company line sucks here.. haha i shall go back and browse the link u gave me =)

yapthomas said...

CONTRA rocks my socks!

joshuaongys said...

> yapthomas : maybe one day we should have one microgenius reunion day or smth lidat hahahahah its like below rm50 only now for that thing.. i think they still have it in certain gameshops lolx

contra rocks my socks too heee

oOFooi said...

Yeah. MicroGenius is also one of my favorite console. I used to play at my fren house. I still remember the 4 players mahjung, tank, bomber man and more... This game console is really genius in attracting many of the young one at that one.

wEtwEtwAtEr said...

Contra rocks!

'up up down down left left right right a b a b select start'

Code to get unlimited lives! :P

joshuaongys said...

> oofooi : so nice wan last time ur fren got extension for 4 players.. last time it was expensive le.. bomber man is nice hahaha got load runner as well!! the console is really classic la!! damn nice at that time =P

> wetwetwater : har... u simply say only or wat?? got such cheat wan ar?? how come i duno wan! o.O LETS GO BUY MICROGENIUS AND PLAY CONTRA AGAIN!!!

zhenlong25 said...

basically Blizzard just rox!

i still remember the time when my brothers and I played together like there is no tomorrow!

Diablo, starcraft and warcraft...

They have been accompanying me since i know how to play pc XD

joshuaongys said...

> zhenlong25 : Blizzard ROX YES!! so i suppose that you're still very close with your brothers huh?? haha said...

sometime last year i revisited my younger days with snes64 emulator... it was awesome. games were simpler back then, many of which were single screen games. the beauty of that was that it still provided the countless hours of entertainment and 'stickyness' that kept you glued to your tv set.

sometimes, simple is best.

joshuaongys said...

> : nicely said, simple is the best.. actually at most times, the more simple it is, the best it is... haha reading your short exp back last year makes me want to go and play some microgenius games now.. =p

joshuatly said...

diablo 3 is coming soon... according to the news...
anyway, i never play before cos i seldom play games!
But i had written a post for this contest also! Check my blog if you like!

joshuaongys said...

> joshuatly : yea i know, i've been following the news =) hehee alright!!

Joshua said...

Hehe. I agree with howshouse--emulators are the way to go. I'm not sure what a Micro Genius is, but it sounds a lot like a NES/Famicom. I remember having to wiggle those stupid cartridges all the time in order for them to read properly. And blowing on them. Hehe. I remember when I sold my old machine, I had to show the dude and his kids how to get it to work. Old piece of crap. :D

I recommend for emulation. is good for DOS games. Old school rocks. :)

joshuaongys said...

> joshua : yes it is similiar to NES. hahhaa i did that too, the wiggling and blowing, that was really funny when i think back about that now.. and whoa, you actually managed to sell your old machine huh hehe cool.. and u even teached the kids haha muz be some hard time for you yea?

thanks for the recommendation =P

Joshua said...

Hehe. I remember, one time, my friend brought his over and something was wrong with the AC adapter. We took turns playing Zelda and holding our hand over the power pack. Crazy.

Yeah, I had bought my old machine, used, from a different friend of mine. I sold mine for 40 bucks. The dude called me when he got home and he was like, "Hey man, I can't get the machine to work; it just makes all these squiggly lines." I'm like, "Yeah, I know what's wrong, just bring it over, tomorrow." When he saw how it worked, he kept it. :)

I sold my Super NES to another guy. I haven't owned a console since. That was like...ten years ago. Man. Hehe.

joshuaongys said...

> joshua : hahahha i guess we really have quite a good time back then with those consoles huh?? too bad now its all ps3, computer, xbox and wii right??

hahaha the person who bought the machine from you... funny case haha

10 yrs... now that u've mention that, i counted and yes... for me it was around 10 yrs back as well... tat was the time i first play games on consoles... haha the good old times man..

Joshua said...

Hehe. Yeah, there were a lot more consoles, then. Things were easier then, though; free enterprise was easier. Since video gaming became so lucrative, it gave rise to a few large corporations that, pretty much, control what is made and sold. And, given that everything is born along by the global dictator: Communication...

Hehe. "Time machine". Hilarious! :D No kidding. Moderately amazing how different things are.

Yeah, old times--slower times. It still amazes me how all my old peers are getting married and having kids, and stuff.

joshuaongys said...

> joshua : well said!! =) communication took its place and it is still evolving until now, am not saying that the consoles now are bad, just miss the good ol times back then haha

and yea, thats quite funny and amazing thinking how different things were... i'm sure our folks have the same talks on different stuffs they use to play back their times haha

ahahahahhaa i will be there soon watching my peers getting married and having kids.. for now thats not happening yet hehe =)

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