Tuesday, August 12, 2008

comic books and me

Remember the comic books that accompanied us ages ago when we were still a kid?
*No?? Sad Case Betul.. I shall mourn for you for 5 Seconds.

Those like Doraemon, Dragon Ball or maybe Shin Chan.

All these years, i've spent hundreds renting loads of comic books back home. I still remember i'll sneak out of my house during primary school days and go to the nearest comic book shop bringing like 10-30 comic books at a time.

Then i will lock myself up in my room reading comic books whole day long.

Forgetting the time and enjoying myself in my own little world. It was quite a memory for me. I'll share the comic books with my younger brother, letting him read.

He was still very young at that time, the most he can do was just looking at the drawings smiling big big as though as he understand the storyline.

Years pass, we grew up and eventually the range of comic books i read went broader, some very wordy with lots of theories, some quite complicated. My brother, influenced by me, still read every single comic book i bring back after school.
*erm, not every single one though..

But then, he already learned to choose on what comic to read, some comics such as Detective Conan which have many words in it bored him to the max and he just skipped it.

and till recently, i barely go and rent comics already. My brother who cant stand it came up to me and asked something funny.

brother : if i go rent some comics that you rent/read before, will you read?

of course i will!!I love them!! HAHA

and so, these few weeks, i have tons of old comics to re-read again and i find it quite interesting. I kind of remember how did i started with comics, and what happen somewhere somehow that is related to comic books.

Some of the comics that i still follow closely are Naruto, Bleach, OnePiece and etc. There're many comics that i'm currently following actually but all the comics i read are in chinese, i do not know some of their English titles. I Love Comics.



Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

hoho ho I love those comics!! Actually I wonder where is my collection.. I personally enjoyed Detective Conan... I watched part of Hunter x Hunter and another fave is One Piece / Budak Getah

joshuaongys said...

> linora 'aronil' low : ahahahaha i do not have a collection weh.. sad case... i enjoyed detective conan too.. but the story haven end!! i wan him to get back to normal size!! hahahaha we love the same comics huh?? =P

Yatz said...

aronil >> budak getah wtf? that's still quite new le..

i still love Ujang..

Just Jasmine said...

Joshua, I like Doraemon & Q-Taro comics :P

joshuaongys said...

> yatz : Ujang O.O OMG OMG OMG hahahhaha yatz... speechless liao me

> just jasmine : everyone seems to love doraemon hor.. hahaha erm Q-Taro?? maybe i will know what comic is that if u give me the chinese title haha

Simon Seow said...

I got a book shelf fills with comics. Whole set of Dragonball, Slamdunk, Shota no Sushi, Shota no Sushi (National Level Competition), Kindaichi (lost a few adi T_T), Video Girl Ai, IS', and some not so mainstream comics. All in Chinese. That's how I learn to read Chinese I think.

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

Joshua: heheh yeah.. i wanna read them again..there was something on low yat forum that was selling dball and i think slam dunk.. the entire series for RM75.. cis.. i missed that. Slam dunk was my biggest fave.

Yat: Hehehe yeah I like that comic.. watching the tvseries.. made me cry, okay!!

joshuaongys said...

> simon seow : wah!! hardcore!! lolx just like my friend.. he bought many sets of comics as well hehehe and thats such a cool way to learn how to read chinese haha

> linora 'aronil' low : go read them again!! rm75 for whole series.. eh quite cheap weh... and yea slam dunk!!! i forgot about it already hahhaha i love that also!! =P

YANZ said...

i LOVED comics! and I still do!
some of the comics I used to read: Doraemon, Calvin&Hobbess, Lat, Archiecomics, 'Low Fu Tzi' (de skinny apek wif de specs & funny hat)... until now I'm still keeping my Archiecomics and once a while, when i'm bored, I'll take them out to read again... and again... and again... *malu*

joshuaongys said...

> yanz : i love low fu tzi also!!! hahahha calvin & hobbes i only read it on newspaper las ttime hahahaha

aiseh.. wat for being malu about it leh.. =) proud of urself!

3POINT8 said...

If i know you guys as a kid, I would go: "freaking Rich bastards!"


joshuaongys said...

> 3point8 : lolx i didnt buy leh.. i go rent wan some borrow from friends =X

Schmae said...

Woot! I think I've read EVERY SINGLE Doraemon and Shin Chan piece. :p

Now.. it's Bleach Bleach BLEACH all the way (although its been getting VERY draggy lately, no?) Hmm. =/

Schmae said...

Oh. But my all time fave?

Calvin and Hobbes. *shows satisfied expression* Mmm.

joshuaongys said...

> schmae : ahahahaa u sure u read every single doraemon wan ar?? there're like too many doraemon comics out there, some stories mixed up here and there till i also duno which one i haven read before hahahaha stopped shin chan quite long d... duno why.. =(

bleach is still ok la hahaa got other comics which is more draggy.. haha

eh many ppl lvoe calvin and hobbes hor... i jz read on newspaper de.. lolx

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