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PASSION World Tour Kuala Lumpur 2008

With so many fruitcakes in the event that night, its Amazing. We Malaysians are a bunch of crazy people i'm sure. In just one day, 268 Passion Blog have been flooded with comments and at the moment i'm typing this, there're 400 comments on that post itself. O.O

JESUS Rawks huh?

Haha. Let me start writing on this post with 70++ Pics [2mb] yea.

It was really a complicated afternoon, after Sunday service + lunch, i was rushing trying to find ways to get to Sunway.

Thanks to ChrisTock who gave me a ride. Along with Chris was Ringo and Carol and i didn't expect that haha but i'm glad with it. =) Nice meeting Ringo again and nice meeting Carol.

They were attending a function @ Nikko Hotel.

We reached there in time i can say, and went in the place through the CarPark entrance. It was hard getting an actual car park space, so Chris went for illegal parking. HAHA.

The first few person i saw when i reached there was Phoebe and Michel. Haven seen this 2 girls for quite some time already... ahh Kenrick as well. =X

It was nice seeing them again. Fellow PKs. The ones that i'm happy seeing whenever wherever. HAHA. I met other PKs as well. Read On. =)

There was a booth outside the hall. Selling PASSION related items.

Met up with Kelvin whom i know through blogging.

Michel Ong, OngKayJin, MichaelOng, Me la joshua ONG.
The ONGs!! hahahaha

We got in the hall soon after that. Gosh its nice going to such events where they have nice big stage filled with nice settings, lighting and etc.

Just look at the "Young" people there!! Although i've been to Planet Shakers Conference and Hillsong United Concert, they were almost the same, i was excited as well.

Ringo, ChrisTock, Me

Took a picture with Ringo and Chris and soon the event started. =)

They showed a short video clip which i thought was SO VERY THE nice.

Hello KL !

He's the SON OF GOD come down.....

and the worship team came in and took over the crowd with their gifted skills from God. It was a really nice opening i would say.

Chris Tomlin was the first worship leader to lead us into worship.

I can only take pictures of the guitarist from the place i was standing. So no pictures of the drummer, keyboardist, drummer ya sorry. =X

The worship lead by Chris Tomlin was good and i wished it was forever.

Ps Louie from the PASSION team came out after that and share with us a couple of stuffs and even showed us a video of the crazy people in PASSION Manila, Philippines.

Although its quite short, but i can see that the people at Manila were really fruitcakes LOLx. Ps Louie even shared with us on the origin of the song God Of This City.

then, Ps Louie requested prayers all over the hall, prayers for the people in Jakarta. For PASSION Jakarta which will be happening later. And other prayers.

Charlie Hall took over the worship later on with another band.

The guitarist.

The keyboardist (i'm wondering what are the equipments over there..)

The Bassist from far away.

The guitarist again as i was the nearest there.

Seriously, both Chris Tomlin and Charlie Hall was great, a servant of GOD, with a great voice and talent, they both served the Lord humbly and it seems that they are just having fun and spending time with God privately.

I was attracted just like that.

Not to say i idolize them, like what i saw in Guy Sebastian with the Planet Shakers team years ago, like what i saw in Hillsong United band that came to Malaysia 3 months ago, i was really amazed by how they can really be a someone who helped serving God in wondrous ways,

they are famous people/christian artist/christian bands around the world and they are really humble and down to earth. Its just JESUS and GOD alone in their eyes, mind, and hearts.

and i guess that's why they succeeded in making JESUS famous in our generation. Attracting millions of young people in our generation, making an impact in millions of lives and preaching the gospel all over the world.

It was an awesome worship session.

After the worship, Ps Louie came out and shared about the word of GOD.
King James Bible - 2 Corinthians 5:15

And that he died for all, that they which live should not henceforth live unto themselves, but unto him which died for them, and rose again.
He shared about how Great is our God. Other than that, he also shared the story about a girl Ashley Akinns. She was a hardcore party goer who thought that she's a screwed up girl herself, living with her boyfriend where she had a 2 years relationship with only to find out that her boyfriend cheated on her. She moved out and found a new place to stay and found out that her housemate is a crazy person. At least Ashley think she is.
*i was wrong here, the other girl moved in to ashley's apartment and not ashley moving into the "crazy person's" apartment. =)

The story went on and Ps Louie told the crowd about how she came to accept GOD, turned a new leaf and you wouldnt want to know what happen next.

Just 3 months after accepting GOD into her life, there's this tragic accident which took away Ashley's life. Read the related links below on Ashley's life.

Throughout the whole time when Ps Louie was telling the story, we were laughing and cheering as he was reading directly from Ashley's journal. We laugh because there are some funny stuffs she wrote in her journal, we cheered when we heard the part of her accepting GOD.

and the whole place went silent IMMEDIATELY after he talked about the part where she passed away.

I was holding my tears actually and my friend heard some people cried. It was sad.

Ps Louie ended his message around that time and the worship team took over once again.

Chris Tomlin was leading the worship again.

As usual, the songs were simple, with simple lyrics and melody,

but POWERFUL as it is, i could feel GOD moving in the presence.

I have been to various camps, concerts, conference and Christian youth events in the past and i am really excited and happy when i see such stuffs happening.

The crowd worshiping GOD whole heartedly.

Thier hunger for GOD.

The tears shed.

The worship warriors.

and the band

It was just GREAT.

Oh yea, did i mention that Ps Louie did a podcast? HAHA with us Malaysians shouting like psycho only.

I stopped attending such functions for quite some time actually and only started attending again 3 months ago in GTPJ for Hillsong Concert. Some people think that going to such events can make their Christian Life a little bit more perfect and such events can make them "burning" more for JESUS.

But actually, in order to continue "burning" for GOD, its the relationship between you and GOD that matters. Not these kinda events. Many people do have the wrong mindset that they must go to such events, its happening, people go, so i go. Thats a very wrong mindset.

Me on a call on meeting with friends.

Anyway, lets not talk about that. Maybe i will talk about it the next time.

For me, one of the reason of me going to such events is to meet up with old friends. Very very old friends. There is no need for planning and we'll eventually meet.

Derrick and i

Danny, Me, Levi

Left Picture - June, Levi, Me
Right Picture - Joel, Me

Left Picture - TeeJuan, Me
Right Picture - Anna, Me

Edrian, YongMay(finally i met you!!), Anna, Me

The people i came with to this event.- ChrisTock, Ringo, Carol, Me

There're some other people who were there but i didn't managed to take a picture with them. Cassie, Sandra, Sher-Lynn, Isaac, SiewVern, PhoebeTan and AbishuaTan and etc.

Some random stupid stuffs PKs does. =p

Michel and Kenrick

Thanks to Kenrick who gave me a ride, i joined Michel and Michael along with their church mates who came all the way from Kuantan for supper.

Michel, Philip, Michael, David, Angela, Jeremy, Raynor, Kenrick

It was a very tiring day for me, but i was happy. =P

Thanks to the crew who made this event a successful one.

The crowd after the event.

Thanks to ChrisTock, Kenrick and Jeremy who gave me a ride.
Thanks to Kelvin who taught me how to use the DSLR.
Thanks to Andrew who borrowed me his DSLR, D40 to take the pictures in the event.

and at last thank GOD for making all these possible,

I first attended a big christian youth event back in 1999, JamWithTheLamb 99.

This will not be the last one. Thank GOD for everything he made possible for me.

and now,

Passion Jakarta which is going to happen in a couple of hours. I'm sure it will be a blast! =)

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*i know the pictures above are a bit sucky.. sorry.. i'm a noob DSLR user... =X


NickTay said...

Great photos :)

joshuaongys said...

> nicktay : thanks =)

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

yeah the pics are nice :) u got some good shots of the stage. sigh i wnted to go..

joshuaongys said...

> linora : hehehehehehe thanks but some i photoshop wan lerh... i was quite near to the stage though.. hehehe aiya nvm lar... see u this weekend!! hopefully...

Just Jasmine said...

Hey, I know Kay Jin too!
Saw him before too, he's my sis' friend :)

Joshua Entol said...

wow... nice pixs...!! u went in front to take the pixs?? i kecut le...

joshuaongys said...

> just jasmine : hahahah its a small world after all huh?? lolx

> joshua entol : lolx yea i went front to take pics hehehe.. i didn't use flash marh haha.. normally dey dowan ppl take pic cuz the flash will disturb them in the recording of the event hehe =P

yong may said...

Yes, you found me. :)
And, all our heads are a little tilted for that picture. Haha. That's quite funny.

joshuaongys said...

> yongmay : ahaha after so long wondering who is yong may, i meet u.. hahaha it was totally random!!! haha forget bout the head, remember about this meeting up!! =p

§pinzer said...

it was truly an amazing experience.. i commented on the KL blog, did you josh?

joshuaongys said...

> §pinzer : lolx i commented 3 times lar tock haha

Ale said...

Haha.. Whoa! So many pictures. Good, good. Thanks for taking them coz now, at least I get to see something :) NOt bad picture-taking skills la >.<

*screams* Chris Tomlin!!!!
I so wanna see him live in person.


I have this crazy friend who went for the Passion in KL and the Jakarta one!!! She's the root of all my emoness -_-" Hehehe

joshuaongys said...

> ale : ahahahahaaha u're MOST welcomed!! hahaha its bad picture taking skills!! my friends who uses DSLR said its bad, so it muz be bad hahahaha

lolx I'm just okay with Chris Tomlin hehe

dun sigh larh.. hugs

and YOUR FRIEND IS CRAZY!!!! dont let her become the root of your emoness lar!!

Aaron Kong said...

cool blog post!

joshuaongys said...

> aaron kong : Thank You!! =p

san*shine said...

wow, great photos!

I regret not taking any pictures to capture this day :) really a history! hehe

we can be the history makers for God! Amen! =)

God bless!!

tim said...

heya buddy :)
nice post.
it's 'God of this city' btw

haha, yeah, im glad that you could see a stark difference between a Hillsongs/Planetshakers event and Passion.

joshuaongys said...

> san*shine : thanks there, ahahaha nevermind bah, i have a few friends who blogged about it without using any pictures =p

yeaps, i'm sure we can!! Thanks!!

> tim : thank you =p oh really?? i go change the song name now.. haha

yea, but thats not the main point la, the main point is getting closer to HIM personally. =)

Katetricia said...


I can just FEEL the concert even though i missed it !!! Gosh this is AWESOME !!!!

oh yeah, great photos, thanks for sharing, despite I can't make it (as I was not well that day) I enjoyed the pics, and feel it literally HAPPENING infront of me !!! AWESOME!!

joshuaongys said...

> katetricia : ahahaha glad that my post made u feel dat way... made my day as well =p take care yea?? God Bless!!

sullivan alex tan said...

hey i am sullivan from malacca. Can i used ur Passion Conference pictures for blog purposes. Thanks

joshuaongys said...

> sullivan alex tan : no prob =)

Jacob Summms said...

My name is Jacob Summs, and I enjoyed reading your blog. Ashley Akinns was my older sister. There was a small part that was inaccurate though. Christa ( the fruitcake) moved into Ashley's apartment not the other way around. Ash did not move. I am glad she impacted your life

joshuaongys said...

> Jacob Summms : Glad you liked it and yeaps i've changed the facts already, thanks!! God Bless!

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