Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sue's Birthday @ Dragon i & Euphoria

It was the start of the 4 days schedule.

Sue's not-so-secret birthday celebration @ Sunway. Haha. =)

First, we gathered in Dragon-i restaurant in Sunway Pyramid for dinner. Yes, of all places, Dragon-i it was.. haha even Sue admit that her choice of restaurant sucks to the max here. Yes the temperature was bad but that wasn't an issue as Sue have really MANY GOOD friends around her. Right? haha.

Anyway, i saw some familiar faces there like Andrew, JoshuaLee, Zoe, Sasha, Steph, Bravo, Billy and even Sherry. Lolx

The cake came out soon with us singing Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you~~ to Sue and you could see Sue doing gymnastics gracefully as what she mentioned in her blog smiling BIGBIG there in front of us. HAHA.

Sue ber-low-wing her cake!

da cake, i love mango!! =)

Everyone had a mouth on the cake later on with some people taking pictures. Pictures taking session have been so common among people like us already, bloggers. *shakes head*

girls-take1 - Karena, Sherry, Sasha, Steph, Steph, Sue

girls-take2 - Steph, WenPink, Sue, Zoe, Steph, Sherry

After the dinner + sing song session, we had 2nd round @ MOS Euphoria with some people leaving the scene. Sasha got us in thankyousomuchsasha. A whole bunch of us lolx.

I'm not really a club person and so this was my first time going to Euphoria, its a new clubber's place in town. It's Good!!


along with us we had our

personal photographer who takes pictures of us and OTHERs like the girl dancing there up on the...... ahem..

as well as..

our personal bodyguard... Mr Bravo. He was one of the main dancer that night as well. Good thing he was there, because i DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DANCE shameshame.. =(

and yes la going clubbing means drinking most of the time... and i was poor during that few days waiting to receive some stupid payment which i should receive earlier and even TILL NOW i haven receieve.DARN.

So i just stand there watching them YUMMMMMMMM and i was holding my cam so pathetic. =(

I cheered myself up by pulling some peeps to take pictures with me sotaktaumalu i know. Don't care la hor. Cause i emo mah i cant drink.Er.Just look at the pics la.

Top - Andrew.Me.JoshuaLee.
Bottom - Shaun.Steph.Me

i think i do not need to say who is who by now hor.. please refer to the pictures above to see who is who thankyou.

blehhhhhhh x infinity.

and some group pictures here below.

sorry no dancing pictures. Most of them are NSFW.

It was a nice birthday celebration i would say as i can obviously see the smile at Sue's face with all the happiness aura flowing all over her. I made a few new friends, finally met some people in person where i only see them on blogs.

so yea, i was pretty tired after everything where i still have to go to office the next day. Great aite?

i know this post came in quite late hehe but anyway i still blog about it right suling mui?

take care and see you soon sometimes..
*gosh i'm old already.
*pics from me and sasha..


Sue Me said...

Thanks a lot!!! Thank you very muchie! I am so glad that you came!! Wohooo..
Dragon-i has awesome food but we were placed in the wrong corner only. KNN! I am going to sue them.hehehe..
YOU ARE NOT OLD!! YOU are only 22. Cis!!!
Thanks so much!! me love pocky :P

WeblogLearner said...

It looks so much fun. I miss the time when I was with friends in the university or later at the office. But now I am away from them... missing them. Your photos remind me of my friends. Belated Happy Birthday to your friend.

Oh BTW Josh, may I ask what is your opinion about my latest post? Just leave a note in the comment section and i will be back here. ^^

Shaun said...

awesome.awesome.awesome POST!


joshuaongys said...

> sue me : YOU'RE WELCOME!!! HEEEEEEEE yea at the wrong corner.. really wrong corner.. go go go.. go sue them!! sue till they lat dai fu!!! hahahaha I'M OLD la!!

> webloglearner : yes it was very fun!! well i'm sure those memories of urs are nice ones, precious ones... n thx for the wish.. =) aite.. will go ur blog!

> shaun : hahahaha 3 awesome then dat means its awesome lar?? lolx

SherryMint said...

awwwwwwwww! awesome post!!!!! i shall just copy urs a bit when i update k? lol. can't rmber wht happned tht nite..

joshuaongys said...

> sherrymint : lolx can can... u dance too much that night till you forgotten everything d HOR!!!

Sue Me said...

i shiok sendiri also..let me reply some of the comments here. LOLOLOL..

webloglearner: it was my birthday. thanks!! :)

shaun: hehehe..i know la im awesome *perasan case*

sherry: agree with kor kor..u were dancing the night away while we were watching you.hehehehe..


joshuaongys said...

O.O hahahhahhhhahahaa

pixie said...

Looks like an awesome celebration!:) Anyway, i enjoy reading this post:)

joshuaongys said...

> pixie : it was an awesome celebration... =) at least the the birthday girl!! hehehe glad u like this post!

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