Thursday, August 21, 2008

thats the way la Malaysia. Keep it up!!

One day, some member of some politician party got bored. He was in charge of promoting Malaysia to the world and Msia independence day-31st August is just around the corner. He do not have enough time as the deadline is 2 days before Malaysia's 51st birthday.
and so he came up with this brilliant plan of his to promote Malaysia in a short span of time.

Propose for a ban of Avril Lavigne concert that is. The Arts, Culture and Heritage Ministry love the idea so much that they stick with the plan almost immediately. So, here you go.

The news of Malaysia Banning Avril Lavigne concert @ 29 August is all over the net for the time being.

If you do not know about this news yet, go knock your head on the wall. This is such a memalufying moment for us Malaysians.
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia (AP) — Malaysia on Tuesday canceled a concert by Canadian rock singer Avril Lavigne, saying it may taint the Muslim-majority country's independence day celebrations after the Islamic opposition slammed her show as being "too sexy."
What is wrong with you peeps that plays the politic games. Seriously i don't see anything TOO sexy about Avril Lavigne.

Come on la, you do not need the noodles in your head, go cook it and eat it up yourself, spicy or original, your flava. Don't come out to the world sharing your noodles with everyone showing the world that Malaysia is such a crappy country. Not every Malaysian LOVE maggi mee OKAY!!!. I LOVE CINTAN.

and what does Avril's concert have to do with Malaysia's Birthday?? Avril's concert won't reduce the patriotism of the many Malaysians that love Malaysia to bits. There're people who love both Avril and Malaysia.

latest single by Avril Lavigne - Rock Version of Tanggal 31. Yes? No?

Lets say i love my girl and my mom, my girl is a singer and she have a concert and the concert is 2 days before my mom's birthday. So, now you're telling me that me going to my girl's concert will reduce my love for my mom?? WTFISH... CRAP!!! Really... results of too much MAGGI MEE.

previous single by Avril - Rasa Sayang. Can?

My mom is just like Malaysia, without my mom, there won't be me, without Malaysia, there won't be the joshuaongys you see here typing this post out. My girl is just like Avril, my girl didn't came in my life before i'm born, Avril didn't too, THEY BOTH CAME INTO MY LIFE A FEW YEARS AGO. Okay maybe my example is wrong.

Alright fine!! You WIN!! Maybe we should have something like this.

Avril performing Tanggal 31 and Negaraku in the concert itself. OK?? HAPPY??


Too sexy huh?? Too near to 31st August huh?? Ban huh??

Please ban Michael Phelps from appearing on Malaysian Media thank you, i had enough of him already all over the news, he's TOO SEXY winning TOO many medals.

and yes, there're many SEXY stuffs on the net as well. Please do ban the internet and use the internet to make us Malaysians MORE PATRIOTIC as well!!!

this is what i mean, Internet making us Malaysians more patriotic!!

Malaysia requires all performers to wear clothes without obscene or drug-related images and be covered from the chest to the knees. They must also refrain from jumping, shouting, hugging and kissing on stage.
and let me show you a video.

Focus on the talk starting from time 1.24

I find it damn hilarious but "memalufying" at the same time.

not only you're not allow to show skin, but during the concert,
they don't want the performers jumping or shouting...

dude its a concert, thats the whole point of a concert.....
you miss the whole point of the concert


with all the drama all these years, i start to think that all the politicians in Malaysia are "james bond" like undercover, sent by neighboring country to ruin Malaysia's name mengesiasuikan Malaysians. Just that they are not as intelligent as James.

alright lets go back to Avril Lavigne..


So yea, Malaysia Boleh!! Keep up the good work man... Keep it up!! Even if now they already said that it will be postponed, but the "memalufying" statements have already been said. What can we do?? The whole world is making Malaysia a laughing stock already. Great. =)


Jeffro said...

Malaysia BOLEH!

damn sad la.. was blardie happy she cud come.. and plan ruin.. =.="

now totally no chance to get autograph..

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry our government has to pull this kind of embarrassment while the National Day is just around the corner.. #-___-#

I don't get the " too sexy.." and "..set good example to the young generation.." part. I thought they also jump and shout around in the parliament? How do they justify that..? :/

RealGunners said...

Welcome to Bolehland babe, where anything goes~

Queenz said...

Malaysia apapun boleh!

joshuaongys said...

> jeffro : haha, boleh since long time ago man... this is just another lil chess game for them, they dont care....

anyway they say the concert will be postpone ma...

> anonymous : aiya, they are the one "in pahwer" you know, like those bosses in companies, they are always right, they can hentam you in you face on a specific issue and do the same thing themselves without feeling anything. "THEY ARE INDEED SETTING A GOOD EXAMPLE FOR THE YOUNGER GENERATION"!!

> realgunners : haha, anything is possible huh?? one sodomy case can happen twice on a same person right?? lololololox

> queenz : memang pun =P

Baldwin said...

omg !! ur narration of the Avril's concert cancellation Rawwkss!!


jolyn cutiez said...

I can neva look at maggie mee or Cintan the same again...
thx to u... lol

oh ya.. malaysia boleh...

joshuaongys said...

> baldwin : aha actually i think i over posted.. too much already.. =X

> jolyn cutiez : ahaha lolx thats just a stupid application of noodles and brains la... ignore that haha

and yeshhhh msia boleh!

foongpc said...

So ridiculous to ban Avril's concert. I'm surprised they decided to ban it after all the protests and also because I can't find anything wrong or immoral with Avril. Yes, so embarrassing for Malaysians - definitely a laughing stock for the rest of the world.

Mariuca said...

Hi Joshua!! Malas la wan to talk abt this, everything is going haywire in M'sia and with the Merdeka celebration coming up, I don't feel like there's anything to celebrate! Make me angry only when I read the papers yesterday!! :(

Anyway, here to drop off my EC and have a great day! :)

joshuaongys said...

> foongpc : those peeps just like to do something out of the blue to attract people's attention bah. The whole world knows them now, great right?? =P

> mariuca : hahaha yea, many Malaysians are as angry as you, not only those fans of Avril, even some Malays feel ashame of this incident i can tell you... aiya... pointless wan la those peeps...

a@ron said...

Damn those politicians!

joshuaongys said...

> a@ron : ahaha =P

Josh said...

Actually even though the fault lies with the BN govt, we Malaysians get another wack on the head for doing something silly!

Which artist is a role model today? Is this a relevant question at all?

As I said, BN is just playing the racial and religious cards to win Malay votes!

joshuaongys said...

> josh : haha i didnt think of that though.. playin the racial and religious cards to win Malay votes!! GREAT!! =P

evon.the.hawtness said...

yo man.
i totally agree with you.
bastard malaysia government.
no brain at all.
like shit.
die la u old men.

~HaChi~ said...

Malaysia boleh~~~
wuuuu~ boleh boleh~~~~
gosh so embarassing.....
Which part of avril is SEXY?!
gosh tht video made me laugh nonstop. what a shame la....

Sheng Li said...

Unfortunately rapists and mat rempits aren't sexy enough to be eliminated from Malaysia. Malaysia Boleh kiss my ass.

zhenlong25 said...

Shut down all the clubs and pubs~
Shut down Colleges~
Shut down Astro~
Shut down Internet~
Shut down Airport~
Shut down Swimming pools~
Shut down Sports Complex~
yeah, too many stuff should be shut down if Avril is too sexy!

no wonder Malaysia got no medals in Olympic other then the one from LCW!
because they trained in malaysia where you can't wear sleeveless, shorts, swim suits etc~

OMG, BAN Nicole David for wearing sleeveless! see who else can take world no 1 for Malaysia!


Lynn said...

Avril is shouting fuck to Msia government I think.

I guess Msia governments are very, em, not sexy so they think Avril's too sexy.


sapsapsui said...

Hahahaha.. I think she must be laughing her @$$ off now. Save her some hassle to travel to some God forbidden land somewhere in South East Asia. She would have gone to Japan or something where the $$ are so much better! =)

Just Jasmine said...

Avril is hot, Malaysia jealous.
That's why liddat lor, Joshua.

Chemhoster said...

Just a passer-by. I thought to ask you to be chilled. But then I like your superb energy to condemn this kinda bugger cukup cukup. Apparently I'm so freaking pissed over this issue. Malaysiakuku...lalala...If the ban turns out to a reality, don't know what to say alr. Hopeless into Cureless!!F...

joshuaongys said...

> evon.the.hawtness : lets hope that there'll be a better government with ppl have brains aite?? =P

> ~hachi~ : every part of avril is sexy lah.. =P ahahahaha they are the ones in power, they say sexy then sexy!! the video is funny but i feel malu as well watching it. sigh

> sheng li : Msia is already kicking everyone's ass from time to time, including yours. LOLx

> zhenlong25 : yea shut down all those, promote a dull and boring country, ban everything they do not like or see or hear or wateva la...Malaysia Memang Boleh!!

> lynn : i dont think avril care bah, i think she's laughing at us only... anyhow i still love being in malaysia as a malaysian la... its just the people that plays politic have no brans...

> sapsapsui : i heard she's going to perform in spore.. o.o lolx

> just jasmine : hahahaha Malaysia is not jealous, the people who call for ban is jealous, and many malaysians hate these people.. freedom yah rite... =P

> chemhoster : hahahha i'm chill when i wrote this post, i'm writing it in a sarcastic way and not angrily... hahahha glad you like this post though and well you do not need to know what to say.. there is no nid to do so... =)

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