Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nuffnang WCG Prize Giving Session 2008

This is not a post to contest for the 32″ LCD TV which i wish it can be. =(

picture stolen from bryanlyt.com

Last Saturday, there was this World Cyber Games Malaysia 2008 happening in Mid Valley. Samsung and Nuffnang came out with this side tournament for bloggers to compete in Counter Strike. A tournament which is totally unrelated to the official WCG 2008 event.

Have read a few posts by other bloggers on the event itself as i cant make it to this event and i can see that most of them actually enjoyed competing/watching @ the event itself.

picture stolen from bryanlyt.com

As i've mentioned in this previous post before, my friend won the CS competition beating the Nuffnang team and i read from some blogs saying that my friend and the team he led were playing like pros with planned tactics and strategy roflmaolmaohahahahhahahaha wtf.

and if you wonder, YES, some of them are WCG players, but that was quite long ago. =P

Believe me, they were as nervous as other team there. Nuff Said. HAHA.

Just yesterday i was chatting with him on the event itself and i shamelessly asked him to give me his MP3 player and he told me that the MP3 players were all stolen. His car got break in.

YES, all the MP3 Players. Not 1 but 4. He accepted the MP3 players on behalf of his team as his teammate left earlier and the break in happened on that night after. I should have ask earlier and take all 4 players and keep to myself hmphf.

End of story.

Anyway the Co-founder of Nuffnang, Timothy Tiah won a 32" LCD TV and decided to give out the prize. Give me ma!! HAHA. Read what he says here. Well said =P

So, here's a video of the prize giving session on that day itself which i get from my friend. =)

Enjoy the video ya. =)

*sorry for the bad sound quality of the video. lolx


Jayelle said...

wha lau damn kesian.:( the money is safe i hope?

Simon Seow said...

This is why never to leave expensive stuff in the car unattended.

joshuaongys said...

> jayelle : yea the money is safe =P

> simon seow : yea exactly!

julian said...

Bummer! I also lost my mp3 player today, not stolen though - ever since I got a laptop stolen from my car I never leave anything in it...

joshuaongys said...

> julian : ouch.. and the bad luck goes on and on huh?

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