Monday, April 14, 2008

My participation in KL FREEZE IN UNISON 2008 @ Pavilion

Organised by and 3 Facebook groups

The news of this event was spread through internet in the Facebook pages above, and a few more Malaysian Blogs.
*well i thought that they should have publicized it more lolx... many of my friends don't know about this and even i knew it last minute, luckily i found out if not then i'll be missing it and cursing myself haha

A simple message was spread calling for interested people to meet up at 2.30pm on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th floor in LOT10.

being a random crazy guy i am, i went there all alone because it was too late for me to notify my friends and asked them along as i knew about this event on the very last hours.

spot smashp0p in this picture!

many people could be seen in LOT10 waiting for the team to pass out orange little flyers on the exact details of the FREEZE.

i would say that it was quite strange having so many people in LOT 10, i know its a weekend but normally even if its a weekend, LOT10 will NOT HAVE so MANY PEOPLE. lolx

just one small corner beside me

and in front of me

well i contacted Michelle and met up with her and her friends and later on we bumped into smashp0p there... =)

i even met with Michael Voon.. hahahaha out of my expectation!!
"you look different with your hair in long" and thats what he told me when he saw me haha

soon we got the orange little flyers and got the details of the FREEZE

KL FREEZE flyer front

KL freeze flyer back

and so, all of a sudden, everyone was leaving LOT10.. it was quite a "shocking" scene with so many people suddenly using the escalator going down..

and i myself went there as well with Michelle and her friends

there was this fashion show there by VINCCI

and we are suppose to have the FREEZE after the fashion show itself

so many of us, "FREEZERs" was there "acting" as real spectators of the fashion show

well, some of are really watching the show..

this is one problem with Malaysians, they didn't synchronize their times, many of us started freezing early and end up freezing for 10 minutes instead of 4 minutes... lolx INCLUDING ME!! DARN.....

FREEZE captures by shahrilmohammad

FREEZE captures by shazeeabanu

FREEZE captures by

FREEZE captures by NikiCheong

FREEZE capture by NikiCheong

FREEZE capture by NikiCheong

FREEZE capture by prakashdaniel

soon everyone clap and cheer after it ended

everyone seems to be enjoying it!! haha

i tell you thats the longest few minutes in my life, my hands and legs were tired and numb and time is like not passing by and yes i'm stupid because i started earlier with other bunch of people... lolx


we pushed Michelle to the Reporter of Astro Awani hahahaha and she HUMILIATED HERSELF lolx

there were other people who got interviewed!

this is quite a memorable event for me and i shall remember it
it was fun and historical as well!!
for those who can't make it or DON'T EVEN KNOW about the event,

I believe there will be more photos coming up in the next few hours/next few days. Please go to to check on it.

*THE PHOTOS ABOVE ARE EITHER "STOLEn" FROM OTHER PLACE OR SHOT by MYSELF, anyhow i've posted the links below =)
Where human beings get together to do something in unison, without speeches or reference to their age, colour, sex, beliefs and background.

Anyway i've compiled these related links to the event. Enjoy!
Main Link

Videos Links
4.23minute version took in the midst of the freeze people itself
4.05minute version took from a higher floor and showing different sides of the FREEZE
aftermath 12 seconds
last half min of the freeze and aftermath
Astro awani coverage on the event(i'm inside O.O)
smashp0p video on the event

New York City FREEZE

Photos Links(Credits of the photos above)
By nikicheong
By shazeeabanu
By shahrilmohammad
By prakashdaniel



purplechoc said...

this is so cool.
why i don't know bout this big event until now :(

Simon Seow said...

I have to work that day T_T

Anonymous said...

Hi Joshua,

Thank you for your support. I appreciate it. It all helps.

Just so you know the Official Video for KL Freeze in Unison is out. The vid encapsulates the whole thing from Lot 10 till Pavillion. From 10 diff vidcams. Check it out.

Zain HD

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