Friday, April 25, 2008

The 2nd Attack of Bloggers on INNIT

If you've been going to INNIT since early this year, i'm sure that you know INNIT have been "attacked" by various bloggers in last month, most with the headlines PP-Pajama Party

well that event was BIG.... there were over 300 Bloggers there in the event...

with that amount of bloggers, you can easily spot a post on PP in the Top10 of INNIT that few days... you can see PP post everywhere....

that was the very 1st "Attack" launched and it was not a plan "attack"....

this time, after a bloggers movie day out... which is quite a random gathering with only 17 Bloggers, one of them, Yatz proposed that we should launch an "attack" on INNIT!!

of course, we loved the idea!!! lolx

we went back excitingly planning about the "attack"

there're more in my hotmail inbox before i requested them to change to my Gmail inbox

more than 600 mails that is related to the "attack" sent

Originally, the attack was supposed to be on Tuesday 22/04/08 night @ 10PM, but most of us haven get our weapons photos from our suppliers photographers, so we postponed it to Thursday24/04/08

3 relics post captured in INNIT Top10

the "attack" started as early as 6pm as we have chosen a few time slots to launch the attack in a few phase...

by 12am we almost deny 2/3 majority by securing 6 seats post in INNIT top10

unlike during the national election where i checked non stop about the election results @ MalaysiaKini till early 5am

i went to sleep after knowing that we already secured 6 post.... =)

Early in the morning, we have already succeeded in the "attack" with 8 posts

but we haven reach our ultimate GOAL!!!


Finally... around 2.30pm!! we DID it!!!!!


yes, although the reign of our "DGMB Clan" lasted for a few hours only, but we really did enjoy ourselves... in other words/other eyes, we sedang SYIOK SENDIRI!!

but think about it again, other bloggers in INNIT enjoy reading some of our posts also marh!! so we not totally SYIOK SENDIRI right??

some of our post are really interesting wan lorhhh..... don't believe?? click here!!

saw any comic strip that came out because of a bloggers gathering?? u didn't click the link above?? GO CLICK LARH!!!!


yes, i love the comic strip so much.. not because i'm in it.. its because its nice! i'm sure the other 16 bloggers love the comic strip as well, RIGHT?? =)


this shall be an inspiring story for all bloggers out there, the moral of this story is...

the Unity of Bloggers in Malaysia =)

with only a SMALL group of 17 Bloggers, we made a small little gathering of us BIG!!

and ya.. we owe Charlie an Apology.... we were late, so he missed the gathering....

anyhow, Hope to see you the next gathering ya!! =)

*if like this post and you happen to be a Gliteratti Nuffnang-er, NANG this post ya =)


pamsong said...

Small group making it BIG. I like that. =)

Aronil said...

Nice one man :) will link back here for the by time version of the innit attack hehe

Charlie said...

finally someone else beside pam notice i am missing. LOL

Yatz said...

LOL..i like the election way of explaining things :D

joshuaongys said...

> pamsong : lolx thats the fact wat.. we're such a small group but we made it to be "happening"

> aronil : lolx thank you!!

> charlie : well hehehe do forgive us ya!! malaysian time lolx

> yatz : ahhh now that someone have notice that!

Charlie said...

no worries bro. my mistake for not getting anyone's number before hand. =)

joshuaongys said...

> charlie : well hope to see you in the next gathering =)

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