Monday, April 14, 2008

KL Freeze - Intro by joshuaongys

yes i went there!!

and KL Freeze was a successful event!!

PinkPau's pose in KL FREEZE!

this is an intro to my next post where more pictures and details will be included!! Stay Tuned!

PinkPau pose picture stolen from :


Kenny Choo said...

Looks cool!

vickie said...

wah you really read up my blog early in the morning huh!
although I didn't been there but I still able to get a small video clip from my sister who attended Vincci fashion show yesterday

ZainHD said...

Thank you for supporting Josh. I appreciate it. :)

joshuaongys said...

> kenny choo : its cool!! hahaha

> vickie : well hahaha i've write in ur cbox why i was reading ur blog early in the morning

>zainhd : you're welcome!! i love these kinda "events"!!

eS-eLLe said...

It was fun. Isn't it? ^^

renaye said...

what is KL Freeze actually?? i heard local celebrities also joined.

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