Friday, April 04, 2008

Seremban/Port Dickson trip 03042008

yesterday, i went to Seremban with my friends.... you might be wondering, why go Seremban??

i can tell you, i have no idea also...

we just have friends staying in Seremban and so we decided to go there thats all fullstop. =)

we reached there in the evening...

raided our friend's house

and went for steamboat after that...

farnee right, as though as KL do not have places for steamboat, why go all the way to Seremban to steamboat?? lolx.. i dunno about that also haha =)

i love steamboat-ing places where they let u "fry" the food beside the "pot" ><

after a few hours declaring war with the food and making ourselves very very full, we decided to have a walk @ the beach at Port Dickson!! lolx.. takking about random decisions...

and so we reached there...

walk walk walk...

and we start taking photos of this "cute" lil creature... it stood there quietly for a few minutes like purposely want to let us take photo lidat... ZZzz O.O

random shots were made...

from 2 guys - 3 guys - 4 guys - 5 guys... Zzzz stupid aite?

dis is funny, chin yen wore shoes so he can only.... well..... ha..... ><

we purposely ask KokHao and his gf to pose like that for me to take a photo..

with people behind kacau-ing them... lolx

they are just cute together...

time pass by and i was still taking pictures here and there..

like this

this x2

this x3

this x4

this x5

and THIS!!

this was my idea.. stupid right??

just us..

then we take pictures like this.. with sands... which is quite fun!!

we left PD after like 3 hours?? i forgot...

later on in the night.. we went to this place in Seremban..

and took our supper!! hahaha



"tau si" fish

"ham choi"

"gong pou tin kai" spicy frog meat

went back after that and i reached home around 4am++

actually where we went to, what we did and what we ate is not that important

what important is..

the fellowship we had.. the stupid moments where we laughed and shared together

that is the one reason i always go out with my friends to places eventhough i do not enough money sometimes, those memories are just the best!!!

these days won't be around again when each of us start working, its very very hard to have such random trips/outings in the next few years.....

till then,


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julian said...

Quite right, no need for a reason to do something different.

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