Sunday, April 27, 2008

As Predicted - Chelsea 2-1 Manchester United

I'm sure Chelsea fans were jumping up and down cheering after the clash between the 2 giants in English Premier League.

in most EPL seasons, for sure there'll be such drama where there's a CRUCIAL match that'll decide which team will be the champion in the last few matches.

and this season, this scheduled match came just in time as there are 2 more games left in the league this season.

in the case of yesterday's match, the top scorer - Ronaldo(although only came in only in the second half) failed to score and a player who is rare to score - Ballack score 2 goals and kept the title race alive.

Yes, Rooney who was overshadowed by Ronaldo this season did scored a goal, but it wasn't enough and the game ended with Chelsea winning 2-1.

it was quite predictable that Chelsea will either win or draw the game. With just 2 games left, soccer fans of EPL around the world is getting more excited with the title race being tighter. So, to make it more interesting, Chelsea must win or maybe draw the game.

yes i'm a supporter of Manchester United, a quiet one where i seldom post related posts in this post. I'm not complaining about the referee who gave Chelsea the penalty kick or the result of 2-1. I won't be like some pathetic Liverpool fans who kept on emphasizing on how unfair it is to Liverpool that a player was sent off in the last game between Manchester United and Liverpool.

i know the ball is round. I'm just wondering you know...... as yesterday i heard a conversation of my friend using his handphone.

During halftime where the score is still Chelsea 1-0 ManU, the bet is like this... Chelsea give "equal half(peng pun)" to Manchester United and the winning rate is 0.68.

Read on if you want to understand what is equal half and how is it related to the winning rate.

Let me explain here... the bet is during halftime, so the score of the bet will start from half time at 0-0. So give "equal half" means if the score is equal at the end of the game (1-1, 2-2), then the person who bet on ManchesterUnited will only win half the amount he bet and the person who bet on Chelsea will lose half the amount he bet.

Bare in mind the bet is during half time, at half time the score is Chelsea 1-0 ManU, at end time the score is 2-1. Meaning if count from 2nd half onwards the score is 1-1 which is equal! So the person who bet on Manchester United will win half only/the person who bet on Chelsea will lose half only.

And i've mention above that the winning rate is 0.68. Meaning if you win, you only get 68% of the money you won. So, in conclusion, the person who bet on Manchester United during half time yesterday will only get 68% of the HALF money he won!! Eg: Bet Rm100, score from 2nd half onwards is 1-1, so win half the money he bet = RM50 times the winning rate 0.68.. he won RM38 only.
i don't know whether you understand what i'm saying here.... Many money transaction will be involve in every BIG soccer games and with the betting being like that with the winning rate at only 0.68, the game results is quite predictable.

I DIDN'T say that they play fake soccer games!!! I DIDN't say that there's some big organization in the world controlling the soccer games!!! I DIDN't say anything!!!!!!!!

and yea, before i end this post...

to Arsenal fans out there who are still dreaming : "continue to dream that both Chelsea and Manchester United will lose in the remaining 2 games and Arsenal will win all 3 games on hand yea!!"


acura said...

Go Man utd Go!!
We just need to win the remaining games now
Man utd like to do it the hard way!
Just like they did when they win the treble.
Fingers crossed now

Fluxevz said...

oh yes i was jumping up and down in mamak last nite,its a good thing chelsea won,coz my friend who happens to be MU fans always lansi.last nite he became quiet..hahaha..i seriously dont like Arsenal.good game anyway

joshuaongys said...

> acura : yea GO MAN UTD!! hahahha 2 more games to the title!!

> fluxevz : hahahaha i see thats why u're happy lolx... i have friends like dat also, they are just such a fun in mamak session whenever their team lost!! HAHA

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