Friday, April 11, 2008

My internet life so far is 7 Years!!

*warning* this is the longest post so far in this blog
[ I spend quite long time writing it, so Please read finish la k?? =) ]

Recently i started playing around with Entrecard and BlogExplosion. It was kind of fun visiting other Blogs from different places, reading the interesting stuffs that are happening in their countries.

Then suddenly i recalled back on how did i came to the Cyberworld, the World Wide Web. I was exposed to the internet quite early i would say. Much early than most people around me. ICQ and MIRC was "the thing" that time. Apart from that, I do not know how many people around me know about this website/webspace provider Homestead -

That was my very first experience on having my own website, that time Blogs aren't that popular yet. We only have sites we call as Personal Websites for ourselves. Form 3, Year 2001 and that is the time i learn HTML through Homestead. Homestead website services was free that time and they provide this drag and drop feature so building a website is really easy to me. But at that time, i feel funny with friends around telling me that, "Whoa, Joshua you know how to build a website!!!"

Of course i'm not so "PRO" and got involved in these web-building stuffs during Form3 all by myself. A few of my friends were involved also, we all have personal websites using Homestead and we linked each other in our respective webpages and we have fun playing around with that. Some of my friends even made a simple website expressing their love to the girl they like lolx.

Anyway, later on Homestead started collecting fees for using their website building service and thats the end of the story of my first website.

That was still the days of 56k internet speed in Malaysia. A few of us from secondary school even get to know about this service - Community ZERO. Don't PLay PLay!! The service was quite popular that time. I myself was the webmaster for my school (SMKTBM) own CommunityZERO website. I created an account with the name of my secondary school and i have a few friends as admins/moderators to help out in the website. I'm not boasting but we have a few hundred students from my school registering as members and we have active topics/discussion about the teachers in our schools, the chicks in our school wtf lolx and other more.


That time, downloading a single freaking song takes up 30 minutes to 1 hour and the download may get broken sometimes with the stupid 56k speed. Napster is one great free software that time which lets me resume downloads on songs. Some of you reading this might know about this and soon enough Napster faced some legal issues and since then they do not offer free downloads of songs anymore.

Thats the early stages of my involvement in the internet. After coming out of secondary school, i started my very first BLOG using Xanga nowadays was different with xanga during that time, now Xanga have interesting features and they give users more freedom on how they want their Blogs to turn out. Last time - NO!!

So, eventually i stopped using Xanga and went on blogging on was the best that time. Blogger was there that time and it was good but still, blogger failed to provide the freedom for me to change many main stuffs in a blog, many things are still restricted during that time, the whole coding part i mean. Thats why Blogdrive became my main option as i can edit everything in my blog using Blogdrive.

Of course, if can i would like to have my own domain name and have full control on how i want my blog to be and stuffs. That is when i have money to do so lolx. (YES, i'm a poor little boy)

Back to what i just mentioned at the start of this post, i've started playing around with Entrecard and BlogExplosion, and yes i see more visitors coming into my blog. I was quite excited seeing more visitors coming in =)

Well, its a good way of getting more visitors to a blog but i would agree with most "top bloggers" that getting visitors that way might boast your stats in the short-term. However, we cant be satisfy just by that, we have to set our sights further by posting interesting stuffs. Interesting stuffs that will retain a blog's visitors so that the blog stats will be good in long-term time. Interesting stuffs i mean is like REALLY INTERESTING STUFFS!!!

Not like what i see in many blogs recently, SUFIAH's case and FakeSteveJob commenting about Xiaxue with Iphone case being blogged again and again and again. Darn. Okay its fine if you blog about it but at least add in more point of views from yourself and not just one simple sentence saying that "Oh i think that she should not..... " & "Oh i think that she should..... "


Yes i admit sometimes i do that too, lolx and i'm trying my best NOT TO do that ALREADY. HAHAHA

and about my ranks.. So sad huh, i only get 2/10 in Google PageRank then 890,116 in Technorati Blog Rank and 1,029,738 in Alexa Traffic Rankings. Sob sob sob.

After recalling back about the time on how i started using Internet, i found out that i have quite a long internet life!! 7 Years. I'm still 21 Yrs old now and 1/3 of my life is........

Its like so long!!! i mean if compared to the people in Malaysia larh!!! There really aren't Many people that grew up in Malaysia(since baby) that is my age with 7 years of Internet Life.

Don't tell me you used the Internet before at a very young age then you didn't use for ages and only started using back recently. What i mean is 7 years of ACTIVE Internet Life. =)


Johnny Ong said...

ok ok u win for the starting young part but in total i win la

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