Monday, April 07, 2008

my experience to a Malay-Style Wedding

2 weeks ago, i went to a wedding

my cousin uncle's wedding

it was a Malay-Styled wedding where they held it at the female side's house...

an Malay-Styled open house wedding...

YES!! my cousin-uncle married a Malay girl!! to be exact, a Malay + Chinese girl... her mother is a Chinese where her father is a Malay.. =)

it is interesting.. at least to me...

i went to weddings in restaurant, hotels and churches before, but open house with many temporary tents outside of the house, NO!! so i was a bit excited haha..

Chinese weddings are full of red stuffs everywhere, Malay weddings on the other hand are full of green stuffs!!

everything also green!!! =)

there's this guy barbeque-ing the chickens outside of the tents

my grand-aunty and grand-uncle =)

inside the house, there's little place they set up for the wedding ceremony

and the picture of the ceremony itself

take two

the couple getting their blessings from the bride's mother

the couple getting their blessings from the bride's father

and they coming out from the house

the whole wedding event started around noon (i think) till evening that day

i had my lunch, a quite special one i would say...

the chicken you saw earlier in this post

sticks of prawns on pineapple

and sticks of taufu on pineapple

my family + my relatives

my relatives + the other side of the family

they themselves and their own family members

well, its quite a special experience for me as i have not been to a wedding like this before... one thing i was quite bothered on that day is the weather, its extremely hot that day and i sweat like nobody's business....

even the children there got "du - lan"!! get what i mean?? stupid weather...

anyways, hope they will last forever then =)


yLing said...

Nice wedding^.^
All in green~so nice..

Anonymous said...

The bride is so pretty!!!!

And I actually like the bright green accents on the groom's jacket. very sharp :D

joshuaongys said...

> yling : all green nice rite!! haha so eye-catching!!

> michelle : everyone also say that the bride is pretty.. heeheehee

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