Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Serdang Home Cook Restaurant

2 days ago, i went out with her and we went to this place for dinner

Serdang Home Cook Restaurant 沙登小厨美食馆 or Seri Kembangan’s Little Kitchen Restaurant according to Jason

actually i don't know about this place although i go to Seri Kembangan quite often...

its only till i read about it at then only i know about it... and i asked for the directions to that place..

like what Jason have mentioned in his blog, the place used to be a house.. its a house-turn-restaurant where the walls around the house were demolished, and what Jason said was quite true.. they are fast in serving the food!!!

WHICH IS GOOD!! because i was hungry at that time...

we ordered

Claypot Taufu

seriously my eyes went O.O when i saw this dish, it was like SOOO much for just the 2 of us!!! and it was just nice for both of us... she kept asking me to take taufu for her lolx...

Fried Sotong

i don't have to say anything about this dish, Jason have mentioned about it and he described it well enough, i agree with him.. THUMBS UP!!

"Choi Sam"

and this is the 3rd and last dish we order.... "Choi Sam"(sorry larh i don't know what is the english name of this vegetable) this dish is nice enough for me!! not too salty, not tasteless as well...

a simple dish is always the best hehehehe

this is the bill
Fried Sotong RM12
Choi Sam RM 6
Claypot Taufu RM 8

and the total amount is RM29.80

i would say that the price is quite reasonable with the delicious food being served. I will definitely go there again sometime soon!!

Peeps out there, go there if you haven been there before =) thumbs up from me!!

Serdang Home Cook Restaurant 沙登小厨美食馆
1226, Jalan Sekolah
Seri Kembangan
tel : 0123637066

if you have no idea on going to the place, i only know one way...

from South City Plaza @ Seri Kembangan.. imagine you're coming out from South City Plaza, turn right and you will reach a traffic light where there's a school in front across the road. Turn right at the traffic light and go all the way straight where you will pass by petrol stations/shoplots and even a local community hall.

Head straight until u see an Indian restaurant on your left hand side with the name Restoran Sri Paandi, then turn right at that junction and you will find the restaurant on your right hand side.

thats all for now!! =)


Shaz said...

Boss!~! drop me your email address and msn or something

Bibombio said...
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Bibombio said...

wa, not so expensive and the food look yummy. if i go there must try. ;)

Anonymous said...

We had our first visit tonight (30/5/09) and we promised we will never ever visit this eatery again. This was the most lousiet, unpleasant, uncomfortable, disappointed food and services I had ever encountered. It was the worst experience for us.

They first served with甘香竹滩 (clam) after about 45 mins waiting time. It was the most disappointed dish, the clams were too big and darn old, not cruncy & chewable at all, the looks made us feel like we were eating the worms (can you imagine this), the taste so darn awful. Of coz we just gave 1/2 bites and leaved the whole plate as it was.

Then we waited for another 5-10 mins for 2nd dish specialty taufu to be served. They had not served all dishes together, which happened and expected in most of the restaurants, we waited 3rd dish; steam fish to be served.

We checked from the 2 waitresses after some times, they had not told us the reason, the third time I had no choice to check with the so-called manager / boss (which he looks like), he told us they had made a mistake and served the steam fish to our next table which came latter than us.

He did not even apologized properly for what had happened and avoided our table; he just got back to attend new comers for his busyness businesses.

The 3rd dish was served after another 20 mins. Total it was about 25 mins to have all 3 dishes been served, can you imagine yourself in such situation and as a consumer.

When settling our bill, we had brought this issue up for this super awful dish 甘香竹滩, they just bill us and not attended our complaints of the food. They had a very bad customer service.

To add on, their specialty taufu (which they claimed) was so mediocre; you can ever get it from other restaurants or even better.

Even the Cheong Hin Curry Fish Head at Taman Serdang Perdana (near South City Plaza) which was not their specialty and taste more better than theirs.

The steam fish was so BELOW average which you can easily get this anywhere.

l a b e l s


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