Wednesday, April 02, 2008

just crapping around in the middle of the night

innit have become my second playground for the past few months and i lurve going there!!

in Innit i nang here nang there.. I NEVER DANG ANYONE BEFORE!!
*so good rite?? =)

in Innit i bumped into some interesting blogs with stupid posts that entertained me well and now i realized one thing...

i go to my second playground more often than my first playground....

*my first playground is

ok i know there're more websites like this but i still lurve pps and innit the most!!

i still go pps from time to time but innit became the best for me for the time being...

Anyone with me??

arh... i'm so sleepy now, what did i just say above??

my eyes are closing already... i should go to bed NOW!!

i have a presentation + CCNA3 skill based accessment tomorrow..

i'm so DEAD.... =(



3POINT8 said...

Same here. I relate better with ppl in innit.
There is another playground worth checking out. []

Angie said...

I'm with you. Innit is a great playground, so I find more (interesting) people here compare to other place.

narymama said...

i love ppl from innit too!

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