Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Exhausted - Back from MDG Finale

just got back home......

man, the Malaysian Dream Girl Finale event was quite happening!!!

i decided to go, only at last minute, rushed there straight after work, thanks to Nigel

we reached there noticing many Hanis supporter there, many cheers for Hanis and Adeline got a fair amount of cheerings from the crowd and Cindy was like hated by the crowd with really little cheers, this is when the 3 finalists were introduced...

all the 11 finalist were there having a fashion show and i must say that the designers clothings were fabulous.... have to post pictures about it, lolx but not now.... =)

met face to face with some of the finalist, met new people, made new friends, took lots of photos, and end up exhausted at the end of the day lolx....

1st Malaysian Dream Girl - Cindy!!

yeah, i wouldn't make any comments on that, after all this is a voting competition so....

hope all the girls can shine and excel in what they do in the future =)

*yes, there will be a second post on this finale
**darn, i have like so many things in mind to post.. so many drafts to make... ZZZzzz


Kenny Choo said...

Wah so juicy huh? Lololol to Cindy I guess.

Should have been there. Just just drop dead tired. Haha

Julian said...

That's a pity... I was hoping Hanis would win.
Was it by invitation? How did you get the invite?

joshuaongys said...

> kenny choo : i was tired also but dunoo why suddenly semangat so i went hahaha

> julian : well, a sms voting contest is stupid la haha... oh nuffnang bloggers thing de... read it here..

Simon Seow said...

Because of this timely post, I have to postpone a lot of my posts.

l a b e l s


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