Saturday, April 05, 2008

Please Support This Homeless Guy

approx 5 hours ago, 3point8 blogged about this specific man

a man who used to have a beautiful girlfriend, a steady job, and used to be a millionaire through investments..

now, he is going through his hard times.. a mistake made in investment cause him to be a homeless guy, his gf broke up with him and he was eventually kicked out of the house, he cant seek help from his family as well as friends. Go Here to read why.

he just started blogging early this month and he needs our support

Do go to for his stories

Peeps out there, do help him in anyway you can, at least do go and read his stories and show him that people cares, maybe you can keep him in prayers or you can link him in your own blog as well.

"By the way, there is no need to seek my permission to link me or to tell people about tis blog. I will remain Anonymous, but please feel free to link me. If my stories can teach just one person something, then it's worth all the blogging effort."
---- 5/4/2008, Homeless Guy


3POINT8 said...

WoW! First it was Adrian, then J-son, then Haanism. And now Joshuaongys!
You bloggers rock!

I sure hope that guy is doing better now.

joshuaongys said...

you should say WE bloggers rock la!! =)

well thats at least what we can do mah... am looking forward to his latest update now.. hmmm

pamsong said...

Wow. I read his blog. How sad. =(

Btw, where is he? US?

joshuaongys said...

am not sure pamsong... hmmm

pamsong said...

Cos he speaks of the weather being hot and humid but says he sold off some property in the US. But he writes with a slight Malaysian-ish tone. And he knows a guy who uses Nuffnang? A MALAYSIAN blog ad service provider who pays in RM? And if he's living in the US, I doubt RM will take him very far, right? So... I just think it's odd. That's all.

Adrian said...

Hey, thanks guys for helping out.

I doubt that he will read this blog as his time online is limited. So I will tell you that he's in Malaysia, Petaling Jaya to be specific. He came back from U.S., and he bought some properties there while he was working there for few years.

thepinkbanana said...

His story is quite similar to what I read in the Reader's Digest February 2008 issue, a true story also by a lady named Anya in the U.S.

The title of her story in Reader's Digest is titled "The Nights I Spent In My Car".

You can visit her blog -

thepinkbanana said...

Anya's no longer homeless though.

haan said...

history keeps repeating... on different people...

pamsong said...

ATTN: thepinkbanana
– I read that article, too! The girl in NYC. She's a good writer.

keeyit said...

This is the 4th time I read this post liao.. That homeless guy is famous now

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