Thursday, April 17, 2008

KL Freeze Aftermath - Finally i spot myself!!



i found myself in picture + videos of the KL FREEZE event!!!

only found one picture of me so far.... anyone saw other pictures of me?? CONTACT ME PLS!!

however, there are 3 newly uploaded videos on YouTube which have me inside, i wasn't showed very long in the video but long enough to keep me smiling lolx..

I'm the one wearing red shirt... refer to the picture above haha -1.43 minute clip (Spot me at 0:35) - 4.41 minute clip (Spot me at 0:25) - 4.39 minute clip (Spot me at 3.15) - 1.18 minute clip of the freeze - 1.29 minute clip ofKL Freeze Aftermath

Do go to as there are more pictures uploaded there, the official video is not out yet. Can't wait to watch the official video!!


Anonymous said...

I was (still am) tempted to watch the videos but I am afraid i might cringe in embarassment hur hur hur.

acura said... guys like transferring power to each other lolx

joshuaongys said...

> michelle : GO WATCH IT!! lolx

> acura : hahaha i have no idea on what are we doing ><

eS-eLLe said...

Lol. So that's you guys doing that pose? Haha. I saw it.

babychyu said...

aiyer so fat geh you

joshuaongys said...

> babychyu : WEHHHHHH!!! ><

l a b e l s


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