Wednesday, April 02, 2008

mah name among popular tags in innit

dis morning before me go to college to have me presentation and me CCNA3 skill based accessment...

me online a while and open INNIT website to check out how many nangs me have for me last post

at that time me only have 2 nangs for that post..

oh fine nvm, 2 nangs is better than 1 nang right??

and then me afk for like 1-2 seconds and suddenly


me came back to me computer immediately

becourse hor, me notice something veli intelesting


me saw me name among popular tags in INNIT

walaoeh, me so happy at the start of the day...

so HAPPY!!!

yala i know that's no big deal for some bloggers who are dem femes oledi wan, buthen it is something for me marh... me not femes marh.... harharhar.... me so excited...

nyway hor, it just lasted for like half a day oni, i came back from college and then me check again and me cant see me name in it oledi lolx...


Nuffnang + Innit made my day today!!


zewt said...

you've got a really wicked banner! :)

thanks for dropping by...

3POINT8 said...

HAha.... half a day of publicity.
nice eh?

l a b e l s


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