Saturday, April 05, 2008

review on Three Kingdoms Resurrection of the Dragon 三国见龙卸甲

went to the movies just now and watched Three Kingdoms - Resurrection of the Dragon 三国 - 见龙卸甲

the story is base on the life of Zhao Yun 赵云, a heroic icon in the history of 3 kingdoms 三国志 in ancient China

Andy Lau 刘德华 acted as Zhao Yun 赵云 in this movie and he acted as both

Young Zhao Yun 赵云

and the

Old Zhao Yun 赵云

well, i guess i do not have to comment on how he acted in the movie right??

we all know Andy 华仔 is good in what he does so... =)

anyway, i always love such movies which have war scenes here and there where the whole scene is just so fascinating and i would say that this movie's war scenes is good enough for me

however the storyline that was edited and is different than the original written history

is quite funny and weird i would say, it was strange until that in my personal opinion made the whole movie's quality go down, i was a bit disappointed then...

with Maggie Q acting as Cao Cao's 曹操 grand-daughter where actually was the grandson in the original piece of history, the movie is a bit more entertaining

and yes, she is good in this movie =)

although the storyline is a bit boring at times, with the fighting/war scenes that is interesting.. i would say that this movie is worth watching ><

my rating for this movie is 7/10


Jan said...

happy am i to see a review of the three kingdoms
i was wanting to watch
but then i feel like i need someone to blog a review to give me confidence that it doesn waste my money
i like ur review

Johnny Ong said...

ok, go go go

joshuaongys said...

>jan : glad that you like my review =)

>johnny ong : go go go?? X.X

Johnny Ong said...

go for the movie

Dave from Welcome Back Rosenthal said...

Looks ok. But I think John Woo is about to do a period piece with Tony Leung, so that's what I'm looking forward to.

BTW those race photos are INSANE!

joshuaongys said...

thats another movie i'm looking forward in the future!! haha and yes the race pictures are insane!!

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