Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Forbidden Kingdom Press Screening with other Nuffnangers

Last thursday, a few of us Nuffnangers went to the press screening of Forbidden Kingdom @ Mid Valley

we enjoyed the movie, and Robb said the movie reminds him of those Ninja movies last time ><

Michelle and Robb immitating Jet Li and Jackie Chan

hahaha other media person was like looking at us as we're the only peeps there taking photos here and there =)

after the movie, we went to Cova @ The Gardens for lunch

Cova cafe lounge.bistro

Lunch set menu @ Cova - RM28 per person

Soup of the day - some broccoli soup... ><
Braised Beef spaghetti with tomato coulis

Duck Confit & mushroom vermicelli with garlic & asparagus

Seared Dory Fillet with garlic mash & butter reduction

Stuffed Chicken breast with wild mushroom & butter mash

Dessert of the day - Banana Chocolate Cake *i think..

Bloggers taking food pictures

well seriously i do not think the food is very nice, its just ok only and i think that its expensive
Bloggers camwhoring

Bloggers camwhoring2

this is my 2nd time going to a press screening thanks to Nuffnang.. well this might as well be my last time going to a press screening in this year i guess as i'm in my industrial training already.. and my industrial training will last for 6 months till October..

so thats it... =)


~YM~ said...

isk, so fun..I wanna watch too!! n_N"

Shaxx said...

whoa.. you are very active ha :)

joshuaongys said...

> ~ym~ : go watch it den!!

> shaxx : haha i'll be active whenever i can lolx.. but dats the very last of it in this year i guess cuz i just started my 6 months industrial training.. ><

Anonymous said...

woi the spaghetti is duck confit ah not sang har meen ah.


Simon Seow said...

shit, I'm so late. Only now I'm posting about this. Btw, it's not sang har mien, it's duck confit.

joshuaongys said...

> michelle : eh paiseh and the 2nd sentence.. i have no comment about that ><

> simon : lolz hahaha nvm late better than nothing hahha

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