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review on The Forbidden Kingdom 功夫之王

this was my second time attending a press screening, 1st time here, thanks to Nuffnang!!!

lets go straight to the review itself, i shall make another post about the attend. =)

Before this movie was out, it already made quite some headlines in the movie industry

the biggest headline was the co-operation between the 2 superstars, Jackie Chan 成龙 and Jet Li 李连杰.

Both of them were well-known martial arts superstar actors with their Kung Fu Fighting here and there, some even said that this will be the best co-op of 2 Kung Fu stars in a movie in recent decades.

Most of you might already know about the characters, but well, i'll still have a short intro on them.

Michael Angarano as Jason Tripitikas

Jackie Chan 成龙 as The Drunken Master 醉八仙

Jet Li 李连杰 as Silent Monk 默僧 and The Monkey King 孙悟空

Crystal Liu Yi Fei 刘亦菲 as Golden Sparrow 金燕子

Li Bing Bing 李冰冰 as the White-Haired Demoness 白发魔女

Collin Chou邹兆龙 as the Jade Warlord 玉帝督军

Here, I will just share a simple summary for you guys as i do not want to reveal too much.

Well, this story is about Jason, a Kung Fu fanatic who was transported to a village in ancient China through a staff that was once belonged to the Monkey King.

His mission was to return to staff to the Monkey King.

Soon Jason bumped into the Drunken Master along with Golden Sparrow

This is one of the scene i love most in the movie, the fight between the Drunken Master and the Silent Monk

the 3 of them met up with the Silent Monk as well and found out that the monk is on the same mission as well and so, they proceeded in their journey in finding the Monkey King

According to legend, The Monkey King was turned into stone hundreds of years ago and a prophecy was said that someone with the Monkey King's staff will appear and free the Monkey King.

Along the journey, Jason was trained by 2 masters to learn Kung Fu.

Don't you think that she is beautiful?? ><

the Jade Warlord who heard about rumours of Jason bringing the staff sent out the White-Haired Demoness to hunt for the group of people.

i shall stop telling about the story here and let you go find it out yourself =)

More scenes from the movie...

This is my thoughts after watching the movie....

i love the movie, i love the cast, i love Jet Li and Jackie Chan, i love Liu Yi Fei as well as Li Bing Bing!!

I'm sure most of you out there who haven watch the movie will think that why on earth they have west actor acting in here and not make it like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 卧虎藏龙 where everyone in it is Chinese. You might think that its weird.

I have that thought and feeling as well, but after watching it, i thought that it was quite good with the storyline adding in such character. However, its really weird having both English and Chinese in the movie itself, watch it then you'll understand.

Imagine Emperor Jade玉王大帝 speaking in fluent English!!!!!!

Anyway, the storyline could be improved and guess what i found through the internet??

There were a few scenes slashed making a change to the original movie storyline.

This is what you won't see in the movie.

There were scenes of her with black hair and white dress. That was before she turn into the White-Haired Demoness. Originally, they filmed on how she got sad because of love and turned in the White-Haired Demoness overnight and the Monkey King was related to it. The scenes of the White-Haired Demoness in the movie is where she have white hair in black dress, not like the picture above.

This was another part being cut off the original storyline. The group were running away using the raft. In this scene, robbers appear as well as the scene of the White-Haired Demoness troops chasing after them.

I was hoping that the fight between Jet Li and Jackie Chan can be longer though...

well, anyhow..

This movie is definitely a movie worth to watch!!

my rating for this movie is 7.5/10


Anonymous said...

looking forward to watching it... great graphics! =D

Janelle - **

narymama said...

next time got press screen tell me k....i want to go

joshuaongys said...

> chantelle : hehehe faster watch it!!

> narymama : go inform robb =) send him ur details!

♥ Haro ♥ said...

its a hearty watch , i enjoy this as well :)

Câmera Digital said...

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Felex Tan said...

I watched already ,i like Jason's spirit-Never give up ,well i wanted to blog about this as well,but it is ok since you had posted.

joshuaongys said...

> haro : good thing u enjoyed!!

> camera digital : thank you ><

> felex tan : well you can still blog bout it.. i'm sure you have some personal views on it =)

Shaun said...

omg. pegi without me!!! hmph.


All the best in ur Industrial Training eh. Have Fun!
God Bless. xD

julian said...

damm I missed that! I like Jackie Chan... I must have missed the email :(
Nice review, and interesting to learn more about the bits they cut out.

joshuaongys said...

> shaun : lolx u didn't check ur mail or wat??

> julian : nvm u can go to the cinemas with ur wife! =)

Wakela said...

I am definitely looking forward to this movie.

You did a great job on the review.

Shaun said...

duno la he -.-
no e-mail also.. >.<

Johnny Ong said...

li bing bing is more beautiful for that matter

asithi said...

Your review makes me want to see the movie in the theater instead of waiting for it to come out on DVD.

joshuaongys said...

> wakela : yeaps go watch the movie!! and thank you =)

> shaun : resumit ur details to robb bah haha

> johnny ong : i still prefer liu yi fei ><

> asithi : go watch it den!! hehe

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