Thursday, April 10, 2008

Manchester United is in the Semi-Finals!

i just came back home after watching the match between Manchester United and AS Roma

it was quite a boring game

and yes, Owen Hargreaves was quite disappointing... he wasted a few chances

but compare to Rossi of AS Roma.. lolx... he missed a penalty!! hahahahaha

Carlos Tevez scored the only goal in the match

i don't know why, i still dislike Tevez.... he's just... i don't know how to say it... Zzzz

and Gary Neville is back!! hahaha

so now 3 England team is in the semi-final of UEFA Champions League along with Barcelona of Spain... lolx...

just like last year..

lets just see what happen!! =)


Johnny Ong said...

hey, owen played really well. don't forget abt those beautiful crosses he sent in whole nite, just that it was not converted.

whereas for tevez, he has been on absolute good form. unfortunately, his form dipped against boro last weekend.

otherwise, man u is superb. with their current form against barca's recent bad runs, man u will meet liverfool in the finals.

acura said...

i am a harcore man utd fan too
watched the game and feel its quite boring
but hargreaves play really well ler
he is the man of the match i think
bout tevez, jus gv him time
its jus his 1st season

l a b e l s


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