Friday, April 11, 2008

Nuffnangers @ Digi Reload Contest Media Launch - 1Utama

Today, a bunch of us - Nuffnang-ers was invited to the Media Launch of the Digi Reload Contest

Venue: LG Highstreet, One Utama
Date: April 11, 2008 (Friday)
Time: 3.00pm – 4.30pm

i reached there in time to know that there are other bloggers earlier than me


i thought Malaysian Culture is late, late and late!!

they have already registered and took their own DIGI goodies bag

there were "creatures in box" around at that place including Iguana, Spiders, Snakes and etc they even have a Phython!!

Kim Yoong was the first one who took the challenge to go into the box with the Phython along with other snakes. In order to take the challenge, he paid rm50 for a DIGI reload card. As he was the first one who went in, everyone took pictures of him, the cameramen around + the peeps from the Mainstream Media.

Then, Robb went in as well lolx... it was like so fun and for the both of them going inside like nobody's business HAHA.

On the other hand, there's another box with this guy from DIGI along with

People was "whoa-ing" here and there seeing him inside the box. He is supposed to be in there for 6 whole hours. ><

Later on, Bloggers from Nuffnang joined the game...

The Snakes and Ladders game...

Well, Nuffnang-ers did a good job entertaining the crowd!!!

by Drinking a cup of erm, insects + bugs (i don't know what are the names exactly) and also kissing the iguana!!

Kate got interview sumore!! lolx

Each of us bloggers who are there + the people from Mainstream Media have a key ourselves. Only 3 keys can open a lock to an Ipod Shuffle.

Nuffnang-ers won 2 Ipod Shuffle out of 3!!

The 3 winners of the Ipod shuffle.

During the event...

We, bloggers acted like small kids and played around with the Phython like playing with toys!! lolx

Later on, DIGI peeps asked for 5 Media Representatives and some of us bloggers from Nuffnang joined in the challenge to be in the box with the Phython with other snakes!!

well, i was one of them and i have myself a RM50 Digi Reload and a 2GB Pendrive!

a Happy Guy i AM!!

We even have refreshments for ourselves as "The Media" lolx

that was the end of the event and part of us bloggers(some went home) who are there proceeded to CHARMS Cafe @ The Curve

A mini bloggers gathering that is

and of course we took photos =)

List Of Nuffnang-ers there(as far as i know la.. there are more...hehe)

Robb -
WongYee Ming -
Kate -
Nick -
Jan -
KimYoong -
Amy -
Skyler -
Julian -
Kenny Choo -
Gary Ooi - or

So thats the stuffs i got from the event

the DIGI pendrive

and of course i got new friends =)

In short, the event is actually promoting a contest for DIGI PREPAID USERS where they have the chance to win RM100,000 + other free stuffs.

On the other hand, there's another contest for the postpaid Users as well where they have the chance to win RM250,000 + other free stuffs.



Copykate said...

omg i heart this post!

and i heart nuffnang! <3333333

i'm gonna steal the pictures! XD

but but, that pic of me holding the ipod is fugly X(

oh btw, add me in msn! check my profile. c ya!

Johnny Ong said...

was during nite time just now. watched the kite runner with anor grp of bloggers

Skyler said...


curryegg said...

Wow... What a great event!
And everyone was so daring! Go-go Nuffnangers!


joshuaongys said...

> copykate : everyone <3 nuffnang hahaha

> johnnyong : oh how was it?

> skyler : you can!!! go reload RM50 in DIGI or use the friends and family thingy-postpaid DIGI =)

> curryegg : haha everyone was not scare at all.. lolx...

Anonymous said...

I was there too..haha..I was wearing the stripes t-shirt (yellow and orange stripes)..haha..and i was the one who drank the wormies..yucks..haha!!

GO Nuffnang!!!!

visit my new blog @
Gary Ooi

Kenny Choo said...

I was there too, how come don't have my link one? Bullying a guy without proper internet connection.

Only after 3 days of loading and loading only I can read the whole post. =.= Haha

Julian said...

Hiya, it was nice to meet you - finally got my post up!

Simon Seow said...

T_T nuffsaid.

l a b e l s


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