Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Don't Play Play!! April Fool = My Friend's Birthday!!

Do you have a friend whose birthday falls on April Fool itself??!!

I have one =)

No Joke!

on April Fool itself, year 1986..

this friend of mine came to planet earth with the name Lo Chin Yen

our "big boss" - ZaiLong Gor who left us earlier and went to heaven a few years ago started calling him Fei Yeh which eventually became the name we use to call him.

a crazy group of people gathered together and became 1 of the gayest group in my life

we sleep together

go to places together

steamboat together

movie together

and dim sum together



with his friendly personality, every one of us like him so much that a few of us specifically HW and PY (according to bday boy himself) always shoot him and "put him up the altar table"/"pull him down the water" whenever they can.

anyway, i've collected a few personal messages for Mr Bday Boy.

our ex-TaiLou who is 风流快活 nowadays mention a short sentence only..

G3nSy says :
wish him 55 find dou gf

i shall let you go through yourself for the next few people

~H[W]~ ® says :
ask him dun everynite look at the moon , goh hui jor zao xun

:$ kianming림건민:$ says :
:$kianming림건민:$ says :
like tat ah
:$kianming림건민:$ says :
wish him can reach the moon 1 day loh
:$kianming림건민:$ says :

;) cHuEnTenG^o) says :
let me th1nk 1nk sin
;)cHuEnTenG^o) says :
;)cHuEnTenG^o) says :

niel :
We human oversimplifies people, it’s how a human mind work. Everything on or off, everything got a category. Writing a comment, a post describing someone you know not categorizing them it’s actually not an easy way task to do. So as human we tend to choose the easy path, to categorize. The word use to describe this very friendly friend of mine, I believe it would be “jolly”. Before I knew fei yeh, when I think of jolly, I think of santa clause, big, fat, happy and always do bring joy onto others. After given a such opportunity to able to know this great man, jolly had fei yeh name in it. Also large, horizontal gifted, extremely CUTE (I do resemble him as Theodore *1000), and certainly always bring joy and laughter to us. Really good in cracking jokes and sometimes do “stimulate” the atmosphere. Feh yeh, I wish you to have a happy, happy birthday, very best in life and God blessed.
p/s- Wolves have howled at the moon for centuries, some still do now ( if you know what I mean ^.-)

~Y[J]~ © says :
say happy apr fool to cy lo

shevy ==> (︶ε︶メ) says :
shevy ==> (︶ε︶メ) says :
happy birthday and all the best loh

~P[Y]~⊙ says :
suddenly think 5 dou tim
~P[Y]~⊙ says :
~P[Y]~⊙ says :

Boon Pean :
Hope him happier than 2007, handsome than 2007, slimmer than 2007, good fortune in his 22nd bday
*joshuaongys is wondering who is this person "2007" lor.... ><

yinsoon says :
happy birthday to him loh!

*red+u Mr Will Black says :
Happy Bday lo ! Share us some cake !

*red+u Mr Will Black says :
tell him dun eat all the cakeS by himself

Other than the people above that Mr Lo still sees everyday and keep in touch very often, i managed to find some other people.....

Our ever handsem DCM course rep!!!

Sam :
Happy birthday to mr chin yen n wish him all the best lo

Billy Tiang the.. the... the.. i also duno the what....

Billy a.k.a Pik Li :
"Happy birth/aprilfool day! Don't play so much games. Big oledi lor."

if you reach here already and you're thinking wtf all the messages to Mr Bday Boy are from guys!!??


so, don't so kan cheong 1st, other than the guys, i found a few Leng Luis also and see what they say!

Xiao Min :
den ask him left one wish 4me.. hehe
(meaning you got 3 bday wish wen cut cake, u can only make 2 wishes, one more wish keep for her wor)

Xiao Fen :
tell him happy birthday ya!

Vickie :
erm.. hapi bufday lo.wish him become more leng.cai. Find a leng lui girlfren, And get many A in coming exam

Li Lian :
just wish him happy bday only lor...

really leng lui hor??

now is my turn liao...

actually what i wanted to say have already been say out by other people lor, anyway i still hope you can learn lunabeam lor so you can be closer with the moon 月亮, all the best horh.. hohoho

sumore i wish u handsem everyday lorh, like the picture above!

and then i hope you can be successful like Mr Steve Jobs from APPLE MAC company lor till you have a personal collage picture like the picture above.



*Wey, really lar, this is not a PRANK or a JOKE due to April Fool!!!
My friend's Birthday is really on the 1st of April!!! =)
cool aite?


Im[a]She said...

wahh..so cute ar u guys sleep together..like husband and wife..lol

joshuaongys said...

lolz, actually dat pic, we're on a trip.. not enuf place to sleep.. so end up lidat haha

renaye said...

ooh so that's what u meant by tagged. i see. wah u got a lot of pictures of friends... so nice.

hey do u watch heroes?

renaye said...

yea heroes is so cool. can't wait for the third season.

r u still studying?

l a b e l s


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