Monday, March 31, 2008

April Fool's Day = the day to express your love??

i just receive one sms with the message like this

"I'm getting married in August, are you free that time?"
i replied "LOLX i love you, would you marry me?"

actually come to think about it...

April Fool's Day can be a suitable day for a guy to express his love towards the girl he like/admire

the very very very common type of "Biao Bai"

Guy : hi there, i have something to tell you..
Girl : Yea? what is it about?
Guy : Actually i have been liking you for quite some time and i would like you to be my girlfriend.

ok here comes the part where the girl will reply right??

whatever happens next which would be quite awkward on other days would seem to be normal on this day, April Fool's Day!!

the girl can answer like this if she have no feelings towards to the guy
Girl : Its APRIL FOOL and You're playing a prank on me right!! HAHA you cannot larh!! I wont kena wan!!

yes the guy who is serious might get sad but well after all it will be an "OF COURSE" thing to play a prank on someone on April Fool's Day where else if it happen on normal days, it would be quite weird...

even if the girl rejected the guy straight away like this
Girl : i think we cant be together because......

the guy can also use the APRIL FOOL reason to cover what he just did
Guy : Haiya, Its APRIL FOOL larh!! hehehe don't be so serious!! =)

the guy can somehow really "act" like he's really playing a prank on the girl and he can feel better with it(and not so paiseh as well)...

Of course, if the girl do like the guy..
the story would be different then
and there's a big chance they will get together...

*so girls out there, if a guy tell you he's into you tomorrow on April Fool's Day, think twice yarh!! lolx



3POINT8 said...

This is a very good idea! I wonder if i can do this every month! Haha! Happy May Fool's day.
Hmmm...come to think about it, doesn't work that way. Oh well, I missed V-day. I Should really make good use of April fool's day.

synical said...

It doesn't matter what day of the year it is, I'd still think that it's all a prank.

weizz said...

what if..........

girl : i love you too
guy : really??
girl : April Fool la~


joshuaongys said...

lolx, do it every month then no meaning d!! and yes! do make good use of April Fool's day!!

hahahahaha dun la lidat, give face a bit =)

lolx then dat part of story is up to you to elaborate!

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